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coprime_recs ([personal profile] coprime_recs) wrote2014-09-06 12:30 pm

Jeeves & Wooster: Another Time, Another World by truly_bohemian

Another Time, Another World (Bertie/Jeeves, OFC | G | 908 words): Bertie's niece looks at some old photographs of her uncle. This is sad but in a realistic, inevitable sort of way because it looks at what Bertie's life might be like several years down the road. Any look at beloved characters that takes place decades in the future is at least a little like that, and this story is a deft snapshot at what Bertie's future might look like. It doesn't wallow in what's past but simply allows everything to be as it is.

"Who's this?" Gloria asked, as she was handed another picture.

"That's just Uncle Bertie again. Why?"

"No, no," Gloria shook her head, feeling slightly frustrated, "there are two men in the picture. They can't both be Uncle Bertie."

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