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coprime_recs ([personal profile] coprime_recs) wrote2014-09-07 03:13 am

Star Trek DS9: Ain't Nothing Special, When the Present Meets the Past by mosca

Ain't Nothing Special, When the Present Meets the Past (Jake, Nog | G | 281 words): Jake and Nog, some years down the road. This story is just a sweet, little delight. Jake and Nog sadly get little fic written about them, so I'm always excited when I find something featuring them and/or their friendship, especially when it's such a well-characterized morsel as this story is. Nog, especially, gets to shine in this.

Nog stood grim-faced at attention as Admiral Senik pinned the Medal of Commendation to his uniform, but when the admiral shook his hand, he couldn't stifle a smile. He'd learned the decorum and restraint befitting a Starfleet Officer, but he was still a Ferengi, and there was something about shiny medallions that made him feel valuable and worthy.

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