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Welcome to my rec journal, fellow person on the internet! I confess, I made this journal solely to make it easier for me to keep track of stories that I liked. But I hope that maybe you will find it helpful too.

As for the type of stories I like to read, I'll read gen, het, and slash (both m/m and f/f). I like things that make me happy, make me smile, and make me laugh as well as the occasionally creepy or sad story. I rarely read for the porn because most of it doesn't interest me. I have a weakness for romances, crossovers, oddball stories, and stories focusing on minor characters. I am also very, very poly-fandom. Honestly, I'll read just about anything because I believe that any story can be good in the hands of the right author.

Links you may find useful:
The Memories
Recs grouped by fandom
The Tags
Recs grouped by fandom, rating, word count, and if they're a crossover
The Pinboard Account
Recs grouped by fandom, character and/or pairing information, location, rating, word count, genre, and popular cliches (I also put stories I liked but not quite enough to rec in this account, but only the recs get tagged !recced)
A couple notes for clarification: I use different punctuation to denote different types of relationships. It isn't anything complicated, but a "/" is a romantic and/or sexual relationship while a "-" is for when the relationship is neither romantic nor sexual, e.g. when it's family or friends.

I don't generally differentiate between movie- and book-verse canons, so stories tagged lord of the rings may be based on the books, the movies, or a combination. The exception to this is DC and Marvel comics. There's an all-inclusive tag for both DC comics and Marvel comics, but any movies or tv shows based on the comics have their own tag. So if you want stories about Ultimate Marvel check marvel universe, but if you want stuff about the X-Men movies check xmen.

As far as warnings go, I don't explicitly warn for anything in rec posts, but I will use warning tags (for abuse, character death, and rape) on Pinboard.

I'm open to feedback, so if you're comfortable doing do, I'd love to hear from you -- whether it be a broken link you found, a suggestion to make things better, a fandom you'd like to see recs from (even if it's not one I've recced before, it's possible I have something in my bookmarks), or something else on your mind.