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Gladiator (Shatterstar, Peter Rasputin | PG13 | 27,005 words): Peter's kidnapped to Mojoworld, an illegal gladiator ring, where he meets a young mutant named Shatterstar. Taking place in Marvel's Ultimate 'verse, this is fun. Shatterstar's youth and ignorance as well as Peter's frustration dealing with his new friend make for an enjoyable read. Plus, there's the plot of the X-Men having to deal with Mojo.

"You tried to pierce his nipple?" Peter heard himself yelp.

"He said okay!"

"She stabbed me!"

Peter put his entire body between them. "Alison!"

"Oh, come on. Tell me he wouldn't look hot with a nipple ring!" Her expression turned sly, and she stepped very close. "Just think, the outline against a nice, tight, shirt . . . " Her fingers danced up his chest.

Peter slapped a hand over hers and pulled it away. "Don't pierce him."

"That hurt!" Shatterstar roared behind him. Suddenly, there was a body on his back, trying scramble over him. It was like trying to stop a monkey.

"Move," Peter snapped, pushing Alison out of the way and grabbing for Shatterstar's flailing limbs. He caught hair. Good enough. Yanking, he pulled Shatterstar away from Alison and down the hall, toward the teenager's bedroom. He nearly threw the boy in, stepped inside, and closed the door. Shatterstar had already grabbed a sword and was running at him.

Peter leaned against the door just for good measure. The sword hit him, beating at him around his head and shoulders for a good five minutes. Then Shatterstar backed off, panting.

"She hurt me," he gasped.

"She thought you knew what piercing meant."

"Well, I didn't." Shatterstar dropped onto his bed. "How was I supposed to know what 'piercing' meant? Everyone expects me to know these things and I just don't." He slumped. "It's so confusing."

Peter felt really guilty. Right then. That moment. He remembered that he'd liked this kid in the arena, that he'd helped break him out because he'd felt bad that the boy had spent his whole life fighting and killing his own friends.
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All Creatures Great and Small (Hank McCoy, ensemble | PG | 2,498 words): A flying cow arrives at Xavier's. This is a hilarious, little story that makes more sense than it probably should.

'Oh my stars and garters,' he whispered and Logan leaned out of the window to see what had so startled the Beast.

For a very long moment there was a deathly silence. Finally, Logan said, very quietly, 'Do you see what I see?'

'I do, indeed,' replied the Beast, his voice unnaturally calm.

'It's a cow, isn't it?' asked Logan, his voice equally calm.

'It's a cow,' confirmed Hank.

There was a very long pause. 'It has wings, doesn't it?'
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Origin Story (Peter Parker, Edna Mode | PG | 2,391 words): Edna designs Spider-Man's costume. Oh man, Edna is simply fabulous. She's loud and in charge, and I love her for it.

"Ah, no, you can't do boots—"

"Why not?"

"It's, well, I kind of stick to things...if the material's too thick I won't be able to," Spidey admitted reluctantly.

"Ah! This requires thought—but there is a solution, darling. And the gloves, too, hmm?"

"Well, yes, that and, you know, there's web shooting—"

"Yes, yes! Let me see." Edna grasped his hand and pulled at the fabric until she could examine his wrist.

"Hey! Don't do that, it's—"

"Darling, your fashion consultant is like your hairdresser, you tell all. Fshht," she shook her head and hissed, "confidential, of course, completely."
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Why You Don't Do Magic in the Library (ensemble | G | 456 words): The Young Avengers end up in the library of Unseen University. It's fun seeing the Young Avengers interacting with some of Discworld's inhabitants.

The tubby young man who had been introduced to Eli as Ponder Stibbons hand spent the last hour trying to explain just why Billy's teleportation spell had landed them in another dimension as they had hunted for the rest of the team. Rincewind had simplified it to "Books warp reality," and left it at that.
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Beginner's Luck (OC | PG13 | 1,758 words): What if your power was to get anything right on the first try but it only worked on that first try? Oh, this is awesome. A fascinating, brilliant look at how having such a power would affect someone. And it's such an interesting, unique power too.

So anyway, I spent the whole night there, trying to hit the bullseye from every angle in the room. People soon learned to duck, 'cos every shot went wild. And my aim got worse as the night went on, and I got drunker and more frustrated. But I kept at it, 'cos, see, once I'd done it that first time, I was just dying to do it again. I wanted to feel that absolute knowledge, that power, that -- *click* -- inside of me, knowing that it's going to go completely perfectly. You've felt like that, right? C'mon, it must have happened once in your life -- the feeling that you're on top of the world, that nothing can go wrong, that God is looking down on you, smiling, and saying, "Hey, I really love ya man, have a good time on me."
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Damsel in Distress (Sue-Victor | G | 1,334 words) has Sue captured by Victor. I love that Sue's portrayed as being as smart as she should be with her own strengths. It's also a really interesting look at a possible reason why Victor's the way he is.

She's done her share of rescuing the guys in between times, but Sue still notices that all the supervillains have read the 'kidnap the hero's girlfriend' chapter in the handbook. It probably doesn't help that her powers are the least offensive in the group, either.

"As kidnappers go, Victor, I'm going to have to rate you below Namor. You haven't even offered to make me your queen yet. I do appreciate the lack of genetically engineered mold creatures, though, so at least you score better than Dr. Molevic."

That provokes the slightest twitch of irritation, probably at the noise more than anything else. He's got a device Sue can't even begin to identify spread out in pieces in front of him on the table. It's probably some kind of death trap he's preparing for when her knights in shining spandex charge to the rescue, although if that's the case he's cutting things fine. She's unlucky that he's too smart to leave here alone, or have her watched over by the same robot minions that grabbed her in the first place. Sue's getting pretty good at getting out of situations like this when she's unsupervised.
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First, Do No Harm (Bobby-Hank | PG13 | 4,116 words) has Hank run away from home and Bobby emailing him to come back. You find out what, exactly, is going on gradually as the story progresses, and... this story is not the type of story I normally like to read. It doesn't have a happy ending-- it can't-- and I dislike crying over a story. But sometimes you need a really good cry, and this is well-written and touching.


Good to _finally_ hear from you, but :

> No. I'm here. <

That's the point. You're _there_, wherever the hell 'there' is. You should be _here_. As in home. So drop a quarter, the guys will pick you up in the 'bird, and you'll be home by tonight. Start packing.

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You Did WHAT In A Cave? (Remy/Rogue, ensemble | PG13 | 747 words) has Remy and Rogue trying to have sex in a cave. It is about the most unromantic setting ever. Very funny, and I adore Remy's insistence that it's a "love grotto."

"One more t'ing chere. Wit' your powers negated, it means dis may be our night. Our first. Our last."

The two star crossed lovers held each other tenderly for long, precious moments, just savouring the chance to be close to each other. A brief interlude of peace and love, during their terrifying ordeal and cruel captivity. And then -

"Remy - are you saying you wanna have sex in a cave?"


"Oh good. Cos for a moment there I -"

Don't t'ink of it as a cave, chere... T'ink of it as a - Love Grotto."
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Throw My Head Away (Bobby/Hank | PG | 3,904 words) has Bobby thinking about changing his codename. Bobby talking with each of his teammates is cute, and of course all this talk is actually a cover for something else entirely. Much cuteness.

Warren laughs. Then he says, "So, why are you here, again?"

"I dunno, man. I've never changed my name before. I feel like there's supposed to be a process to it, or something."

Warren makes a face like a muted cringe. He shrugs. "well, my name was changed by a brainwashing megalomaniac, so I don't really have any experience there, either."

"But you were calling yourself Angel before you hooked up with the Professor."

"Yeah, but. I was sixteen. And I had wings. It's not like I needed a thesaurus."
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Thou Shalt Not... (ensemble | PG | 3,892 words) is a list of rules found on the fridge in Xavier's School. It is very giggle-inducing, what with taking people's mutant abilities into consideration and the various pranksters in the house.

18) If it is morning and it is a song you are singing and you know for a fact that none of us are deaf, there will be consequences. I can't think of any right now because it's morning and someone is singing and the coffee isn't done yet.
18a) Had coffee. Will pour coffee down your pants if you sing.
18b) Decaf. Caffienated coffee is too good for you.
18c) ...oh...oh god, are you singing songs from "Oklahoma"? Why, why would you do that? Why are you doing it? Why do you persist on doing that? Why is the decaf coffee taking so long to make?
19) Addendum: Additions are not to be made to this list before nine o'clock in the morning or after midnight.
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The Accountancy Blues (ensemble | G | 3,502 words) is about the X-Men having to deal with taxes. It is very silly. Poor Bobby is the school's accountant, and considering that the Mansion gets detroyed on a fairly regular basis....

'My name is Johnson,' said the dark-haired IRS man in the black suit.

'And my name is Johnston,' said the other dark-haired IRS man in the black suit.

Bobby grinned at them somewhat manically, ignoring Jean's kick at his ankle. 'Robert Drake,' he said. 'I do the accounts for the school. Accounts, yes, records.' His laugh was unexpected, high-pitched and on the very edge of hysteria. Jean decided not to be gentle any more and telepathically kicked him in the higher brain functions. Bobby shut up, although it seemed nothing would remove the grin.

'Mr Johnson. Mr Johnston,' said the Professor smoothly. 'My name is Professor Charles Xavier. I run the school. It seems unusual that you'd be auditing our tax returns after so long.'

'Unusual?' said Johnson.

'Unusual,' echoed Johnston, 'is claiming several million dollars in repairs each year for a "School for Gifted Students". I'm afraid an audit was inevitable, Professor.'