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5 Things Chuck Sees (But Wasn't Supposed To) (Chuck | PG13 | 605 words): Being the gate technician, Chuck sees a lot. This is...surprisingly dark for a 5 Things fic, a genre that generally includes a humorous component somewhere in the five things. It's an interesting look at a side of what life in Atlantis would be like if the show were real.

1. The look on Elizabeth's face every time someone doesn't come home. He's sure no one else notices, she's always so careful to hide it.
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More of the Stars and Sea (Teyla-Radek | G | 675 words): Teyla and Radek get trapped in a room together and talk. One of my (many) favorite things about fic is how authors can throw together two characters who don't interact much in canon and draw connections between them, and this fic does so in such a lovely, sweet way. I couldn't ask for a more perfect start for a friendship between these two.

Teyla smiled at him. "I don't think Atlantis is actively against us."

"Not Col. Sheppard, no, but sometimes we--that is, the science team--feel that the city is fighting us." Radek absently patted the floor beside him, apparently not even noticing what he was doing.

"But you love the city."

Eyes widening, he looked at her. "Is it that obvious?"
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Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out (Miko Kusanagi, Radek Zelenka | G | 1,440 words): Miko has a temper. This is a great little look at two minor characters and who they are beyond their work.

Miko was barefoot, in a pair of soft leggings and a dark red tunic. It looked Athosian-made, and he wondered who she had traded for it. But what really caught his attention was her hair, which streamed over her shoulders like a dark wave. He had never seen her with her hair loose before. Always, in the labs, it was pulled back from her face; tightly contained, just like her temper.
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Boredom Is the Root of All Evil (And Lorne Is Its Bitch) (Lorne, Sheppard | R | 1,815 words): Lorne and Sheppard are trapped in a cell with nothing to do but wait and have to entertain themselves. This is hilarious because they have the exact sort of inane conversations that people have when they're bored out of their skulls and the only entertainment to be found is whoever else your stuck with.

"That's the tenth time in a row that you've gone for rock, sir. I'm onto your clever plan."

"I'm lulling you into a sense of false security."

"Okay. In the meantime, I think maybe I'll just, ya know... keep playing paper."
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Atlantis Santa (McKay/Zelenka | PG | 7,759 words): Rodney and Radek get each other for the Secret Santa exchange. Oh, this is completely unapologetic fluff, and it's great. I keep rereading this story because it's full of happy-making and always leaves me smiling. Also the image of Rodney and Radek playing in the snow like little kids is just too cute for words.

Rodney set his drink aside, eyes narrowing in suspicion. He crossed his arms in a defensive move that was both obvious and entirely unconscious. "Oh? And may I ask what the great Dr. Zelenka deems worth— Ooomph!"

Whatever Rodney was about to say next was forgotten in favour of colourful cursing when a hastily formed snowball hit him squarely in the face.

"Zelenka! You wily, backstabbing, son of a—"

"Yes, yes, I am evil incarnate. But that does not change the fact that the score is now 1-0. To me."
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Ancient Geek Artifacts (McKay/Zelenka | NC17 | 1,392 words): They find the Ancient equivalent of whiteboards and dry erase markers. Hee, whiteboard-inspired porn. It's sweet though.

Radek looked down at Rodney. He should tell Dr. Weir that Rodney was here with him, and would be at the meeting in a minute. But Rodney had been off-planet for a week, working with allies on something that would hopefully be of use against the Wraith. Radek hadn't intended to turn Rodney on with the whiteboard, but he didn't want to pass up this opportunity.
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The Moon Comes Around (McKay/Zelenka | PG13 | 6,426 words): Radek accidentally walks in on Rodney while he's masturbating in the shower, and then things are weird for them. Okay, so this may hit people's embarrassment squick, but I don't get that gleeful vibe where it feels like the author is using embarrassment to teach a character a lesson. Instead, I like it because Radek's emotions -- his frustration and anger and heartache -- are so viscerally powerful that I feel them along with him. It's well-written and solid and fantastic with a touching resolution.

At first, Radek is understanding. Apparently Rodney is the type to be embarrassed about that sort of situation. And so Radek leaves him alone for a day, and then two, pretending not to notice that Rodney is avoiding him. By day three, he cannot help but think that Rodney should be over it, moving on. Yes, it was embarrassing, but not that embarrassing. He's also tired of being regulated to one of the smaller labs, because he's getting the feeling that he's being punished, and really, the fact that the image of Rodney in the shower keeps popping into his head at the most inopportune moments ought to be punishment enough.

Especially when Rodney is actually quite attractive, all broad shoulders and blue eyes, and Radek really would prefer not to notice his boss's good looks, because that just complicates things, and besides, it's just because Atlantis has forced him into the position of the stereotypically undersexed scientist that he finds himself fixated on the first person he's seen naked in months. Not that he's actually fixated, mind you. Still, the image of Rodney in the shower refuses to leave his head, and it is getting irksome.

On day five, he storms in the main lab, hands on hips, and announces, "You are being ridiculous, McKay." He belatedly notices that Kavanagh and Simpson are there as well, and ignores their startled looks as they glance away from their computers; instead he focuses on a certain scientist who pointedly hasn't looked up.

"Shouldn't you be in the jumper bay?" Rodney says coolly, not looking away from his laptop, and Radek's understanding is on the fast-track to becoming all-too-familiar irritation.
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The Botanist and His Major (Lorne/Parrish | R | 16,536 words): Lorne originally refused to have Parrish as the scientist permanently assigned to his team. I love and adore this. It's a nice romance without making either Lorne or Parrish dumb because of love. And there's offworld adventures!

Lieutenant Reid spoke up first, his eyes fixed at some point over Lorne's shoulder. "I take full responsibility, sir. I should have anticipated this."

"Anticipated what?"

"Parrish's crap aim," Cadman chuckled, slinging an arm around the botanist's neck.

"Excuse me?"

"We thought Parrish could use some firearm instruction," Reid said, looking down. "He hit a control panel."

Lorne blinked. "It's 0200 hours. You couldn't wait till morning?"

"We didn't want him to feel pressured by the other Marines," Cadman explained.

Lorne frowned and turned to Parrish. "I guess they pulled you out of bed too?"

"I'm really sorry, Major," Parrish said. "I wasn't even aiming for the dumb thing. If I was I probably wouldn't have hit it."

Despite himself, Lorne smiled at the earnest expression on Parrish's face. "All right, Cadman, Reid, get back to bed. I'm putting you both on early shifts tomorrow. Parrish, stay where you are."

Cadman and Reid both gave Parrish encouraging looks, which just amused Lorne all the more. He knew he had a reputation as being tough, but he wasn't exactly a hardass.
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That Time McKay Came Back Naked (Lorne | PG | 974 words): The aftermath of a mission, one which Lorne had borrowed McKay for, gone hilariously wrong. This is just a lot of fun.

Ward is wide-eyed and that's definitely the waist of McKay's BDUs hanging around his neck. He's fresh off of the Daedalus and Lorne has a feeling that he'll be back on it as soon as he can manage. Lorne'll be sure to suggest to Sheppard that Ward get whatever transfer he asks for, mostly because it's McKay he's scared of, not life in the Pegasus galaxy, and while one can become acclimated to Pegasus, the fear of McKay never really goes away.
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Speak No Evil (McKay/Zelenka | PG | 3,505 words): Rodney's rendered mute by a wise woman. How Rodney's being mute affects thing is wonderfully realized, and Radek's friendship and understanding is great.

"I think it is the public nature of humiliation that is missing. So I have made something for you, instead of those little reprimands you leave him."

He gestured out of the door to Rodney's office to where a large board, the same size as the ones warning people not to touch the naquadah generators, festooned with Radek's, rather more artistic, impression of one of Rodney's dressings down was propped against Kavanagh's desk. Unlike the increasingly tiny scraps of paper Rodney had been leaving, there was no way anyone could miss its meaning.

Rodney laughed. There was a very faint edge of hysteria to it, but it was so good to see him laughing instead of looking like he might punch something in frustration that Radek joined him for a moment, glad to have helped, if only a little.
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Out & About (Lorne/Parrish | R | 15,445 words): Lorne and Parrish have several misadventures during the course of their relationship. Oh, hee. There's a lot of rather disasterous incidents that would probably discourage most people, but the boys just keep trying. It's kind of hilarious how much trouble they manage to get themselves into. And it's also sweet, if you can call getting second degree sunburns sweet.

He couldn't help grinning as he watched David pick his way across the scattered rocks like a five year old. The botanist was chattering about something odd in the samples he'd been gathering when he trailed off. Lorne had been packing their gear, but turned at the pause in the descriptions of algal discoloration. David was staring at him, a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"You're burned."

He shrugged; he'd gotten sunburned as a kid, everybody did. You spent a week with that weird tight feeling and a little sandpaper sensitivity and that was all. He looked down, trying to see what David saw, but his chest didn't look too badly burnt. "It's really not that big a deal, Dave."

David was shaking his head, obviously not agreeing. "I think it is, Nick." The name sounded strange in normal conversation; he'd grown used to only being known by his last name. He watched David cross the remaining distance between them and press a finger against his chest before speaking again.
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On Holiday (McKay/Zelenka | NC17 | 10,787 words): Rodney and Radek attend a conference in Las Vegas on vacation and run into Ba'al. Aww, they're so awkward around each other and yet so cute. And I like the cameo by SG-1.

"C'mon," he said. "You're not going to win." Radek ignored him, hitting the button, waiting, and hitting the button again. There was a strange hypnotic rhythm to it, and Rodney found himself captivated, watching the flow of Radek's hands, the graceful movement of his fingers. It seemed more acceptable, less taboo to do so here than in the labs of Atlantis. Rodney breathed in, feeling constricted in the little casino, surrounded by smoke and the din of the machines as they ran, Radek's movements never slowing.

When the machine lit up and started blaring, Rodney started, gaping at the display. He glanced down at the payouts, grinning widely. "You just won $800!"

Radek was frowning at the payout. "No, I just lost the Jag." He pointed, to where he was one tick off from the winning payout for the car.

Rodney shook his head. "Is the glass perpetually half-empty in your world? We're on vacation, and for a nominal investment, you just won $800. Why not take your winnings and enjoy? We're even in a state where all kinds of enjoyment is legal." Rodney ignored the heaviness in his stomach at the thought of Radek ditching him to go off to partake of such enjoyment, or worse yet, asking him to come along.

Radek merely rolled his eyes.
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Mission Wilted Fern (Lorne/Parrish | PG13 | 3,989 words): Parrish's life is too stressful, so Lorne helps. So cute! I can't help but smile when I read it.

David stood silent and then groaned, sitting heavily on the bed. He gripped his hair, pulling at the ends. "My life is a mess."

"Your room is a mess," Evan said. "Your life seems fine."

"You don't understand. I think I'm having a breakdown or something. Everything sucks. Nothing feels right. I keep making mistakes at work because I can't sleep. I've started having anxiety again, so Dr. Heightmeyer put me on meds, which means I haven't…wanted sex a lot. Then, McKay broke up with Katie, so she's needy and I'm trying to spend time with her. McKay is…" David's face hardened. "I hate that man. There. I said it. I. Hate. Him. He refuses to approve any of my research and keeps putting me on these stupid third grade science projects. He's rude, he has absolutely no respect for botany, he…"

Lorne sat down next to him, carefully moving things out of the way. "McKay's a jerk, but that's nothing new."

"It's everything at once."

Evan finger-combed David's hair. "So, I'll fix it."

"Yeah, that'll work."

"No, I mean it. I'll fix it. We just need to get rid of some of the stress, get you off that medicine, and then we can have sex."

David laughed. "Ever the optimist."
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Know Your Audience #2 (Team Sheppard | G | 286 words): John attempts to tell a joke to his team. Short, funny, and cute. And I just like the idea of John telling really corny jokes.

"So there's this gorgeous Southern Belle," he started.
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If You Can't Beat Them (Lorne | R | 975 words): Lorne has trouble adjusting to the Pegasus Galaxy. Oh, poor Lorne. I laugh at his pain because his pain's hilarious.

At the SGC, Lorne had been an incredibly successful officer: respected; consulted; decorated. He'd been promoted to Major at 26, after the particularly spectacular rescue of SG12 and 47 locals on P4S-258. General Hammond's speech had included phrases like 'outstanding bravery', 'beyond the call of duty', and 'owe their lives'.

Colonel Sheppard's speeches, although not delivered in any kind of professional capacity and only in the earshot of Lorne himself, always seemed to include phrases like 'better luck next time', 'we've all been there', and 'I promise not to show the video to anyone'.
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House of Cards (McKay, Zelenka, Sheppard | G | 2,215 words): McKay and Zelenka have a showdown to see who gets to work on the puddle jumpers. It's a fun idea written well.

So, the competition begins like this: with Radek and Rodney sharing a commiserating look over the as yet empty table. Then Rodney splits his deck, pulls out the card that had previously been in the middle, and lays it flat on the table.

Radek does not have the same strategy. He always begins with the two of clubs, as it is the card of least value in the deck (for most games that he plays, anyway) and thus, he thinks, should always be on the bottom. From there, it does not matter, but it is important to start off on a familiar foot.
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Hockey Night in Atlantis (ensemble | PG13 | 6,005 words): The Atlantis personnel form a hockey league. Oh, this is brilliant. Funny and fun and just full of yay! Because nothing fosters friendship quite like kicking your coworkers' asses. Also, the games were both exciting and easy to follow, even given that what I know about hockey can more or less be summed up with "So there's a puck. And you try to get it in the net. And the whole thing takes place on ice."

Rodney watched warily as Zelenka came up to sit beside him before silently handing Rodney his helmet. Radek was still sweaty and pink from the game, the skin around his eyes crinkled in a pleased manner, and Rodney trusted him for about as far as he could throw him.

Warily keeping an eye on Zelenka, Rodney got to his feet, pleased that he didn't wobble, and picked up his stick. Radek coughed a little and waited a beat for Rodney to look at him. Then he said, "Denisov? Leaves his five hole open like it was a Seven-Eleven."

Rodney turned and stared. "I thought you'd want the pleasure of knocking out the Russians yourself."

Zelenka snorted and pushed himself to his feet before moving towards the stands. "Kicking your ass would be almost better than winning against Petrova!" he shouted over his shoulder.

Rodney opened his mouth to shout back something equally as uncomplimentary when Corrigan appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his arm, making him squawk with surprise instead. "Come on, everyone's waiting for you."

Corrigan's team meeting was disturbingly intense, nervously making Rodney wonder if he'd maybe, perhaps, gotten in over his head when he'd signed up to play on Team Canada.

The look in Corrigan's eyes was threatening all kinds of things if they lost.

But then the game started, and Rodney found himself gleefully chasing after Fredek Egorov, stealing the puck with a cheerful shout when the other man fumbled it.
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Fault Tolerance (McKay/Zelenka | PG | 5,605 words): Radek's injured in a jumper explosion, prompting his and Rodney's relationship to change. Aww, this is sweet wtih Rodney all out of sorts because Radek's out of commission. Sheppard, who just keeps popping up, is kind of hilarious. Plus, the science investigation to find out what happened to the puddle jumpers is interesting.

"I know you are hiding out, Colonel," Radek said. "Lieutenant Cadman let slip that requisition orders for the Daedelus are due today." Radek leaned back in his chair. "Carson was finished with his last night."

"Okay, Maybe I am hiding out. Just a little. Go on, though." He gestured at the wall display that Rodney had been using. "It's...interesting."

Folding his arms across his chest, Rodney said, "You only think that because it's the puddlejumpers we're discussing. If it was, oh, shield strength or something, you'd be doing the requisitions."

"Actually, I'd probably be in the gym."

Rodney rolled his eyes at Sheppard, which made Radek laugh; Rodney felt himself relax for the first time in days.

"Here." Radek pointed at one of the abnormal measurements Rodney had uncovered. "I think that is where we start."

When Sheppard was finally paged away to deal with some military-type thing, Rodney couldn't stop his huge sigh of relief. Finally he and Radek could really focus on the problem, without Sheppard's constant interruptions.
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Day In, Day Out (Lorne/Parrish | PG13 | 3,269 words): Lorne keeps track of the days. There's a nice, gradual build-up to the relationship and lots of cute moments.

On Day 35, Parrish approaches Nick at lunch. "Busy, Major?"

He's working his way through the meal – unidentifiable greens, a passable replica of pork chops, and grainy, fresh bread – but he's not exactly busy. Sheppard's team is off-world, so mostly he's waiting for Dr. Weir's almost-inevitable request to join her in the control room because there's a problem. He's already made a mental list of who will be on the extraction team.

Until then, he's just killing time. "Nope."

"I'm going to sit here," Parrish says, as he sets his tray down and sits. "How do you like the greens?"

They could be worse, and he says as much.

Parrish looks pleased. "Fast growing, spinach-like plant from the mainland. We grew it in the lab. Well. Some of it. The rest the Athosians gave us."

"I'm eating lab food." Great.

"Isn't it delicious?" Parrish shovels a forkful into his mouth and grins. "Yum." He chews for a moment, eyes half-closed. "Needs salt. Sea salt. Not that iodized, chemical stuff."

Nick has the urge to ask if Parrish is shitting him, but he can't quite figure out what the joke might be.
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Build Your Own ZPM (ensemble | PG13 | 328 words): Sheppard asks why they can't just build a ZPM. It's short and funny and, for me, just really works as a slice of life in Atlantis.

"It's a problem with the Ancient language," Elizabeth explained with a wry shrug. "The Ancients tended to drop nouns. It's very common in insular cultures."

"Yes. They call them 'units,'" Rodney interrupted. "Attach the unit, then connect the unit to the unit, and then start the unit."