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Running Interference (Leonardo-Raphael | G | 431 words): Leonardo and Raphael talk while being punished by Splinter. Leo and Raph butt heads a lot, and this fic gets right at the heart of their relationship with each other. It's a great look at Raph and how he interacts the world and how similar Leo and Raph are.

"You did this to us," he finally said into the silent room. He almost heard Leo stiffen behind him.

"How do you figure that? You're the one who attacked me for saving your shell."
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In Passing (turtles ensemble, OCs | PG | 7,233 words): Four people the turtles interact with and how their lives are changed for it. Aw, turtles! Doing what they do best and helping people! This is a fantastic set of vignettes about how the turtles help the people they come across. I love how, despite not giving any identifying details, the author still writes each brother so well that it's easy to tell which one is in each vignette. They're each kind in their own ways. This is one of the roots that makes the teenage mutant ninja turtles so eternally enjoyable (for me, at any rate), so I loved reading something that focuses on that.

'It's okay,' he says to me. 'He's not dead, he's just been knocked out.'

I nod. I've still got my hand over my mouth. He gently prises it away. That's when I notice his hands are green and that he only has two fingers. Two fingers and a thumb.

My thought won't stick together properly, they keep falling a part, but I manage to think – oh, that's why he's so covered up, he's deformed. I don't care though, not at all, not when my Dad's bleeding on the ground and this man's just saved both our lives.