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Static Shock: What Legends Are Made Of by ctrl-issue

What Legends Are Made Of (Trina Jessup, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): What Dakota's finest might think of Static and Gear. Trina Jessup is the lady police officer that eventually starts dating Mr. Hawkins, if you are like me and didn't immediately remember who she was. This is just a really neat look at Static and Gear (and at Virgil and Richie) from a point of view that isn't used very often, which gives some different sorts of insights into the duo.

To her understanding, those with more power should be held more accountable than the weaker people. Because of their power, they had a responsibility, a duty, to protect those weaker than themselves. Unfortunately, those with power rarely ever actually acted with concern or empathy towards their fellow man, with the rare exception.