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Static Shock: Thicker Than Water by ctrl-issue

Thicker Than Water (Virgil-Robert Hawkins, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): Robert needs to have a talk with his son. This is such a fantastic look at Robert Hawkins and how he protects his family! I really like how he can see more about Virgil and Richie's relationship since he's watching from the outside and trying to care for them both.

It was late, and for once Mr. Robert Hawkins found that his son was actually home. Alone. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the nightly news. Sharon was off 'studying', though he knew well enough that she was actually giving him and Virgil some time to themselves. The elder man took a deep breath as he looked around his living room. He doubted he would have another opportunity like this for some time, knowing the schedules his children kept.