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Fishing Village at Sunrise in Autumn (Ginko/Adashino | PG13 | 1,809 words): An early morning with Ginko and Adashino. This story has a lovely atmosphere, quiet and gentle with a slight bittersweetness underpinning everything, much like Mushishi itself. It gives a nice look at Ginko and Adashino's relationship and what their lives are like even though the story itself only spans a few minutes in time.

As he lies in Adashino's futon breathing in and out against him, consciousness slowly returns to Ginko. It chases away the last echoing softness of the Suzu of his dream, replacing it with uncertain memories of last night, as though replaying for his foggy brain exactly how he came to be here. A little drink between friends. A stare that stretched too long and was awkward from the start. Needs ignored for so long they were grateful to be satisfied in whatever way they could.

The same story every time. It helps that Adashino has a not-entirely-scientific fascination with his body—or, more precisely, what the mushi did to it. If he were honest with himself, however, Ginko would find he had to admit a part of him is actually flattered by that attention, even if he can't for the life of him understand it.