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Such Enormity Moving With Such Grace (Gillian Taylor | G | 927 words): A vignette on the life of Gillian Taylor, the whale scientist from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This is a beautiful love letter to Gillian and to every person with a passionate, all-consuming interest. Gillian's love and care for whales shines.

Gillian is in fourth grade, and in the margins of her composition book, while Mrs. Nicholas drones on about some boring war, she is drawing whales and stars.

She always draws them the same way, not creating the image so much as perfecting it.
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Only the Good Die Young (Pavel | PG13 | 2,528 words): Five times Pavel got annoyed because of his youth. Aw, Pavel! Pavel is adorable here although he wouldn't appreciate my saying so. And it's always fun to read about the Enterprise as friends, even when they get a bit overprotective of Chekov.

"She said Gloria has the hots for me," says Pavel, slightly in awe. "Do you think - "

Hikaru is already shaking his head, even as his chuckles finally wind down. "No, man. She'll walk all over you."

"I can take care of myself!" protests Pavel.

"Yeah, but you shouldn't have to," says Hikaru easily. "That's what we're here for."

On one hand, Pavel is grateful - it is nice to know that the rest of the crew has his back. On the other hand, being protected is not the same as being respected, and what he wants is the latter.
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Ain't Nothing Special, When the Present Meets the Past (Jake, Nog | G | 281 words): Jake and Nog, some years down the road. This story is just a sweet, little delight. Jake and Nog sadly get little fic written about them, so I'm always excited when I find something featuring them and/or their friendship, especially when it's such a well-characterized morsel as this story is. Nog, especially, gets to shine in this.

Nog stood grim-faced at attention as Admiral Senik pinned the Medal of Commendation to his uniform, but when the admiral shook his hand, he couldn't stifle a smile. He'd learned the decorum and restraint befitting a Starfleet Officer, but he was still a Ferengi, and there was something about shiny medallions that made him feel valuable and worthy.
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Augement (Miles O'Brien, Julian Bashir | G | 168 words): O'Brien doesn't really get what being augmented means until he can see it. This packs a nice little punch in its few words about Bashir's life.

It was the day that O'Brien came to understand what 'genetically enhanced augment' really meant.

Not the abstract. Not the 'idea' of what an augment was, or could be, but the reality.
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Fortunate Voyager (Scott Summers, Logan, Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake, Enterprise ensemble | PG13 | 21,692 words): Scott, Logan, Kitty, and Bobby somehow get transported to Captain Archer's Enterprise. The best part of crossovers is, I think, getting to see a whole slew of interactions between characters who'd never meet in canon. And this is full of chances to see how different characters connect and how they react to totally new situations. Plus, it's got action and adventure.

Scott was frustrated he couldn't do anything to help repair the ship, but one look at the innards of a bulkhead and he knew he was out of his league. He gravitated to sickbay, where he found, to his pleasure, that he could understand some of what went on there.

"Medical technology has evolved," Phlox said as he showed Scott how to use a dermal regenerator, "but the basic principles remain the same. You'll do fine."

Logan was off guarding the prisoners and trading war stories, and Hoshi had taken the kids off to wind down. But Scott couldn't quite relax, so he scanned and set bones and cleaned wounds. Finally, the last patient was healed and either sent to their quarters or bedded down in sickbay. Phlox cleaned his hands, looking pleased, and Scott leaned against a wall, yawning.

"My fiancée was a doctor," he said, staring at the opposite wall with its hypnotic display of twisting and twining DNA strands.


"She was brilliant, she was learning all about mutations, but she was always ready to stop and put a bandage on one of the kids." His face felt like it was on fire and when he looked over, Phlox was waiting. "Jean would have loved to talk to you about medicine, see your equipment."

Phlox smiled.

Why did he feel the need to talk about her now? Since her death, he'd barely said her name, but there was something freeing about this place where only his three teammates knew her, and the locals didn't feel any guilt over her death.

"I miss Jean so much," he said quietly.

Phlox nodded. "If one of my wives died, I would be saddened. As it is, being without them is the hardest thing about being on the Enterprise."
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Saccharine (Uhura, Sulu/Chekov | R | 2,652 words): Uhura watched over animated, candy versions of her crewmates. The story is fairly saccharine, more so than I usually enjoy. And yet, whenever I remember this story, it's with a great deal of fondnesss. There's something extremely enjoyable about the idea of four inch tall, walking, talking, candy versions of the crew. Uhura gets to be smart and sensible, which is great to see. And the overall focus is on her, Sulu, and Chekov, three characters whom I adore but who don't (as far as I know) get written about much.

She was just starting to wonder what was in the rest of the box when, with a crisp rustling sound, another piece of cellophane flew up into the air and a little Sulu, with some effort, hauled himself out of a dent in the molded-plastic liner of the box. He was made of something dark brown and faintly translucent--she thought it might have been the soybean candy he'd once given her and Chekov to eat with his traditional Japanese tea. She wrinkled her nose at the thought. Nasty stuff. She wasn't be any means curious enough (or heartless enough) to try to find out.

Soybean (?) Sulu knelt immediately, though, peering anxiously into the next dent. First he pulled out another piece of cellophane; then he dragged out by the hand a very disgruntled Chekov, who shook some white hair out of his eyes, put his hands on his orange hips, and said something she couldn't hear. Probably something about the Russian invention of cellophane, or possibly of candy corn.
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The 92nd Rule (Nog-Quark | PG | 2,238 words): Quark and Rom help Nog move in to Starfleet Academy. It's a great look at what it means to be a Ferengi and family. Plus, I always liked Nog, and how often do you see stuff about him?

"Why are you giving this to me?" Nog asked with a trace of suspicion. At his uncle's sharp glance, he quickly corrected himself. "Loaning this to me, I mean."

"Because I don't like any of this," Quark said, waving his finger at Nog. "You're a Ferengi, Nog, and I don't want you to forget that. They're going to fill your head with a lot of nonsense while you're here and I want to make sure you remember who and what you are."

Nog tried not to roll his eyes at his uncle's tone. Of course. This was just another way he was trying to knock him down, keep him from the opportunities Starfleet afforded him. How typical.
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Serenterprise-D (ensemble | PG | 1,680 words): The Serenity crew gets a chance to visit Captain Picard and crew. Oh, it's hilarious.

"Oh, my God," Simon breathed, turning in a slow circle in the middle of the sickbay. "It's like Heaven, only with fewer logical fallacies."

"I think you set up a bit of a fallacy there yourself," Dr. Crusher said with a smile, "what with mentioning God and then denouncing Heaven..."

"It's so shiny," Simon breathed, ignorning her. "So white." He touched a counter surface with reverence. "Sterile. I bet you go entire days without anyone trying to borrow your working space to clean engine parts or weapons."
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Captain's Log: Boredom (ensemble | PG | 2,211 words). Captain Acher and crew try to entertain themselves while they're wandering around in space looking for something interesting. It's funny. There's all sorts of classic boredom-relief tactics: Trivial Pursuit, knitting, and Mick Jagger impersonations to name a few. I like the mundaneness of how they all deal with boredom.

Captain's Log, August 5th: Engines functioning normally. Course set. Have asked twice if we are going round in circles. T'Pol assures me that we are not, and reminded me of the odds of finding anything remotely interesting out here. Depressed. Started to write Mills and Boon novel in spare time. Have lots of spare time.

Captain's Log, August 6th: Engines functioning normally. Course set. Researching novel. Think that Tucker may have taken it the wrong way when I asked him if he knew about the mechanics of having sex in zero gravity. Not speaking to me again.
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Ensign Enigma (Tim, T'Pol | G | 2,314 words) is about Ensign Tim Drake. The Enterprise characters are nicely written, and Tim stays his freaky, obsessive self even when he has a different background.

A few days later, as T'Pol arrived for alpha shift, Drake spoke before she'd even cleared the turbolift door. "Sub-commander, have you ever seen energy readings like this?"

An eyebrow rose as she considered asking how he'd known it was her without turning around, but she dismissed the question as irrelevant. "What is the provenance?"

He jumped out of the chair, already typing furiously at the bulkhead console as she slipped into the seat. "They turned up on the farthest sensors several hours ago. Commander Tucker thinks they're an artifact of imperfectly aligned sensors, but I'm not certain."

T'Pol studied the readings, calling up Drake's notes. She nodded in absent approval at their organization and detail, a portion of her brain wondering if she could train the rest of her staff in this skill.

"I believe you are correct, Ensign. These are most unusual and I do not believe our sensors could be causing the fluctuations."

Drake was obviously repressing a grin. "What do we do now?"
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Where No Mutant Has Gone Before (Xavier, Enterprise crew | PG | 5,174 words) has Xavier waking up in Picard's body. The story's neat because it brings up the logical possibilities of what might have cause Picard to suddenly claim he's someone else. And I wish that Picard's side of the story had been written.

"I don't have an artificial heart," Charles said. "And... normally, I'm a paraplegic."

Crusher shook her head. "There's nothing wrong with your spine."

"I understand that. Is it possible my psyche has somehow become... dislodged--" (through time? How could that be?) --"and entered Captain Picard's body?" He frowned. "Except that your captain does, in fact, look exactly like me. If he's merely someone whose body I've somehow occupied by accident, that would make no sense. There must be some connection between us." Could Picard be his descendant? How could that be? David was dead, and Charles had no other children. At the age of 68, he strongly doubted he ever would, either. Nor did he feel any great loss; while David's death was still painful even all these years later, Charles hardly needed biological children when he had so many children of the heart surrounding him at his school.

Was Picard at his school? Who was Picard? These people seemed to genuinely care for him and consider him a good man, but Charles' ethical constraints had prevented him from probing more deeply than that.

"I'm... considering the possibility that something like that might have happened," Crusher said.

She was being extremely delicate, dancing around something she didn't want to say in front of him. "I don't mean to pry. But I don't need to be a mind reader to tell that there's something you don't want to tell me."

Crusher sighed. "Is it possible that you only think you're Charles Xavier?"
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How to Start Over (Miles O'Brian | R | 1,409 words) is a list made by Miles. His emotions are stark and plainly visible, even though they're rarely stated, and it's a little painful.

4. File for divorce before she has the chance to do it. Convince yourself that she had a hand in destroying this marriage. Maybe a few hands. Imagine her as an arachnid or a Hindu goddess, a mass of hands, rending your life apart. Listen calmly when your father yells that Irishmen don't get divorced. Remember that the alternative is living with her. Decide not to hate her. It's the least you can do.
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Unless You're Us (Spock-Buffy | G | 1,242 words) has Buffy and Spock meeting at a conference-type thing. They're very different characters, but I could see them interacting like this. Plus, there are also several refences to other shows that are fun to spot.

No demon ping, no vamp ping, but there's definitely something otherworldly about the old dude, even by Sunnydale standards and even given all the givens. "If you don't mind me asking," she says, "how did you end up here?"

Another sip, another grimace. "My friends brought me back to life against my will. You?"

"Same here. How'd it happen?"

"I committed a selfless act."

"A selfless act," she says, and mostly succeeds in keeping the bitterness out of her voice. "That'll do it, all right. I jumped off a tower to save the world."
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Done (Anya-T'Pring | PG | 3,362 words) has Anya doing her thing in the original Trek episode where Spock goes through Ponn Farr. This story works in a really delicious way. And Anya certainly is good at vengeance.

"He--it is a biological imperative."

"God, men are the same all over the damn universe, aren't they?"

"Are you saying that this--this condition affects males on other worlds?"

"Condition? Well, if you mean that when you want him he's never around because he likes being with his friends more than he likes being with you and he's always, 'I've got to patrol with them,' or 'they need me to do some research,' right up until he decides, 'ooh, sex, uhhh, mmm,' and then you'd better be there ready and waiting, emphasis on the ready, or otherwise it'll all be over before you even--is that what you mean by 'condition'? Because if you do, then yes. The same."

T'Pring's eyes widened. "I had no idea."
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But Your Chains (Uhura/Chekov | PG13 | 535 words) is a look at Uhura and Chekov, two very underappreciated characters. This story is very poignant and rings true. It gives Uhura and Chekov a more fully fleshed out characterization than they ever got onscreen.

When he's drunk he sings songs in Russian, passionate songs that seem designed to echo across the tundra. He sings them quietly though, because he knows he shouldn't really be singing them. The Federation anthem would be acceptable, but Spock would probably raise an eyebrow at lyrics suggesting various methods of desecrating Joseph Stalin's corpse, most of them obscene.

You don't mind though, it's nice to hear a human language that isn't English. You think about teaching him Swahili, but you doubt he has the patience. When he lies next to you in bed, he tells stories about old women who played the balalaika. He talks about Sputnik and Gagarin and wishes things could have been different. You stroke his hair and tell him that everyone gets homesick in space. You were never meant to be so far from home.
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Bizarre Love Triangle (Keiko/Miles/Julian | R | 1,266 words) has Keiko trying to convince Miles that they should marry Julian. Miles protests. So, so funny.

"Now, Miles, you're being very binary about this. Think of the children."

"I am thinking of the children."

"They do love him you know."

"Well why don't they marry him then?"

"Now you're just being silly. For a start, they aren't of age yet."

"Look, I don't love him like that. Yes, we spend all of our time together, and I tell him things I could never tell any other person, and yes if he left it would be as if a part of me had died, but I don't want to have sex with him!"

"Is it the penetration you're afraid of, Miles?"
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Letter Home (Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda | PG13 | 1,755 words) has Spock writing home to announce that he's now bonded to Kirk, which causes a bit of excitement back home. Sarek and Amanda are absolutely adorable together as they try to figure out why their son would choose to bond with Kirk.

Normally, for the benefit of the calmer and more logical neighbours, she would have carried the PADD slowly and with dignity. Normally, it would be a PADD, if it didn't come by subspace radio in the first place, and not a paper letter, carefully sealed into a paper envelope, something she had only seen a couple of times before. She tried, but this--a letter from her son--was not normal, and it was simply too exciting to allow her maintain the semi-Vulcan facade.

"Yes, my wife?" Sarek enquired, appearing from his office.

"A letter! A paper letter!" she told him excitedly, waving it in his face as the door banged shut behind her.

Sarek's expression subtly indicated that yes, she was quite correct about that, but that he failed to perceive the reason for such behaviour.
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Accidental (Picard/Q | PG13 | 664 words) is a humorous Picard/Q story. Short and sweet with a really good reason as to why it's never a good idea to startle a Q.

"Saved me from what?" Picard said suspiciously. "Q, why aren't we on the Enterprise?"

"Oh, relax, I'll have you back on your precious ship in a minute."


"Fine! I blew up the ship, all right?"