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Thicker Than Water (Virgil-Robert Hawkins, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): Robert needs to have a talk with his son. This is such a fantastic look at Robert Hawkins and how he protects his family! I really like how he can see more about Virgil and Richie's relationship since he's watching from the outside and trying to care for them both.

It was late, and for once Mr. Robert Hawkins found that his son was actually home. Alone. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the nightly news. Sharon was off 'studying', though he knew well enough that she was actually giving him and Virgil some time to themselves. The elder man took a deep breath as he looked around his living room. He doubted he would have another opportunity like this for some time, knowing the schedules his children kept.
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What Legends Are Made Of (Trina Jessup, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): What Dakota's finest might think of Static and Gear. Trina Jessup is the lady police officer that eventually starts dating Mr. Hawkins, if you are like me and didn't immediately remember who she was. This is just a really neat look at Static and Gear (and at Virgil and Richie) from a point of view that isn't used very often, which gives some different sorts of insights into the duo.

To her understanding, those with more power should be held more accountable than the weaker people. Because of their power, they had a responsibility, a duty, to protect those weaker than themselves. Unfortunately, those with power rarely ever actually acted with concern or empathy towards their fellow man, with the rare exception.
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Underneath (Virgil-Richie | G | 3,271 words): Virgil and Richie accidentally swap bodies. Aw, Virgil and Richie, friends forever! Snarking and getting into trouble and having each other backs, this is everything I always want for these two. The bodyswapping also gives a nice chance to look at both Virgil and Richie's powers and what they mean for each of them.

Richie stood there in Virgil's body, a corona of blue and white energy swirling around him as he worked on tamping it down to manageable levels. The look of awe on his face made Virgil wonder if he ever looked like that to people when he was working with his powers.

He cleared his throat. "Hey Rich – you okay now?"

Richie beamed at him – a dopey, goofy grin that was one-hundred percent Richie Foley even if it was wrapped up in Virgil packaging. "This is so awesome, man!"

"Yeah," Virgil said, giving him a small smile. "In some ways, it sure is." But it was weird to watch his powers and not be the one focusing them. He'd lost his powers once before and he hadn't liked the feeling then either.
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Sunset (Virgil/Richie | R | 6,967 words): Richie and the difficulties of being a super genius. It's a nice look at Richie, what it means to be him, and who Virgil is for him. And, hee, I adore Virgil here.

"Where you gonna go, huh?" Virgil asked, also grinning. He took a quick step to the side as Richie tried to fake him out, failing horribly at it. "I know your game, man. Nothing you can do."

"You never know," Richie said, bouncing the ball in an easy game of keep-away. "I might surprise you yet. I've got some moves you don't know."

"You think so?" Virgil was as close as he could be without fouling. Richie could feel his breath on his face. "That's cool, bro, 'cuz I like surprises. And I like any move you make."

The phrasing struck Richie as odd. He couldn't put his finger on what Virgil was alluding to, but he suspected it had nothing to do with basketball. His brain had an idea about it, but he quickly rejected it, dismissing it as too improbable. Deciding that Virgil was probably just trying to psyche him out, Richie grinned and jumped backwards.

There was a clear shot to the hoop, but it was a good ways off. In the few seconds it took Richie to jump into the air once more, he calculated several parabolic equations, taking into account the weight of the basketball, the angle of the shot, and how much force he'd need to put behind it. What came as instinct to professional players was simply science to him and, with a smug look on his face, he released the ball at the height of his jump, knowing without a doubt it would go right where he wanted it. Sure enough, it whooshed right in, not even touching the rim.

"Nothing but net!" Omar crowed and Richie heard vague applause from the sidelines.

Virgil was shaking his head, but smiling. "That is so cheating."
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Tech Support (Richie-Maggie Foley | PG | 4,380 words): The Watchtower needs Gear's help, but he's grounded. It's a lovely, wonderful, real characterization of both Richie and his mom.

"You took shop?" his mother asked. She frowned, then looked suddenly regretful. "I didn't know that."

Guilt coursed through Richie and he sighed softly. "No, not really," he said after a moment, staring down at his soda can. "Just, you know, sometimes things needed fixing around the community center before Mr. Hawkins got that funding from Alva Industries, so he taught me a few things."

Another lie. Always lies. Richie didn't like lying to his mother, but lately, that felt like all he ever did. His mother bought that one, though.

"Oh," she said, sounding sad, looking down at the table. "That was nice of Virgil's father to do that for you."


The silence that filled the room screamed awkwardness. Richie sipped his soda, wondering how his mother would take it if he excused himself back to his room. That was where he was supposed to be anyway, contemplating respecting one's elders and not hanging out with 'hood' friends and listening to bad music.

"I'm glad you're here," his mother said suddenly and Richie looked up at her in surprise. "Not glad you're grounded, of course, but I'm glad you're home. You're not home often enough. I've missed you."
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Hurricanes and Sisters (Sharon, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 3,691 words): Sharon sees something she's not supposed to and misunderstands. On, I love Sharon in this and her sisterly protection of Virgil.

"Virgil, I can't believe you'd possibly expect me not to know. Best friends, in my experience, do not give each other the kind of stares you see in chick flicks. And they don't hold hands while watching The Ring when they think no one's watching."

"We do not stare at each other like couples in chick flicks!" Virgil protests hotly, folding his arms across his chest. Sharon resists the urge to sigh. She's so much better at getting strangers to open up. Now Virgil is on the defensive, his body language indicating that he's closing himself off from her.

"Virgil, I was only kidding." That gentle, soothing voice again. Virgil eyes her suspiciously, but he unfolds his arms. Good; open body language means more openness to critical suggestions and facts.

"Okay, Sharon, what's the deal? You haven't been this nice since I broke my arm in grade eight, and you were comforting Richie because he thought it was his fault."

"Like I said, Virgil, this is about Richie. I know you're not going to want to hear this, but--"
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Summertime (Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 23,447 words): During the midst of a summer heat wave and crime wave, Richie unintentionally comes out to Virgil. I love the awkwardness of change between the two and how they may not get stuff right the first time (or second and third time, for that matter), but they do eventually. And that's what's important.

"Have you tried calling him?"

"Hey, he doesn't want to talk anymore, I don't want to bug him."

Sharon continued to tap her lower lip thoughtfully. "Does Richie know what got you mad?"

"Huh? He was the one who said he didn't want me to know!"

"So you told him?" she pressed. "That it was the trust thing, not the gay thing?"

"Well, I didn't say it exactly like that."

"Boys," Sharon said, disparagingly. "So Richie didn't want to tell you he was gay, probably because he was worried you'd freak out over it and wouldn't want to be friends anymore. But he finally does have the guts to open up--and my stupid little brother freaks out and doesn't want to be friends. I totally should slap you."

"You don't think Richie really thinks that..."

"I think your entire gender is born brain-damaged."
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Adventures in Babysitting (Virgil, Richie, baby | PG | 3,727 words): Sharon asks Virgil and Richie to babysit her and Adam's son. Hee! This is cute and funny and adorable.

"Why is Junior on the roof?" Virgil half-gasped, half-yelled.

"I can explain, bro," Richie said in his most placating tone. "See, I took him out to the swing set in the complex. Next thing I know, he's up there."

"I can't believe you got my nephew stuck on the roof," Virgil said, throwing his hands up in the air. "Why didn't you just put on your rocket boots and grab him?"

"He's fine," Richie told him. "In fact, he seems to really like the birds we have nesting there. Backpack's up there with him. He'll come down soon enough, I'm sure."

Virgil turned to Richie, looking at him with a dark, level glare. "Richie. Get. Him. Down."
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Terminal Dignity (Sharon/Adam | PG | 1,789 words) has Sharon and Adam going out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. I love that Sharon gets her own voice here; she's funny and smart and distinctive. Also, she and Adam are so adorable together.

It was just downright inconsiderate of Hyde and Kangorr to choose tonight for a robbery. And not just any robbery. No, they had to go all pre-planned and actually design their heist, with forethought and all the trimmings.

Who would possibly be in the exclusive part of town at that time of night except richissime and wimpy luxuriants? Superheroes patrolled down and out places – warehouses, derelict buildings and the like. Perfect spots for degenerates. So if the degenerates moved, they could rob and run before Static et al even sniffed anything was up. Perfect.

Damn Adam and his proclivity for playing hero. Damn Hyde for growing a brain. Damn them for choosing that restaurant for their special night out. And damn the stupid ice pack for being so damn cold.
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More to It (Virgil-Richie | PG13 | 2,976 words) is Virgil and Richie contemplating their futures. This does a fantastic job of highlighting one of the things I love about the show -- that Virgil and Richie may be superheroes, but more importantly they're themselves. The story also hits on several of the details of what these two have to go through to be superheroes.

Richie knew Virgil's pre-Static plans. About a year before the Big Bang, they'd completely planned a road trip to take after high school. Just the two of them, together, with a little money they'd been saving up, would hit the road, heading to big cities and small towns all across America. All that money was gone now, poured into the fund needed to maintain their costumes, buy the gadgets he needed to help Virgil out, and constantly restock their small first aide kit at the gas station, since coming home with bruises and scrapes everyday probably wouldn't make Virgil's dad happy.
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Pollen Shock! (Virgil/Richie | R | 1,169 words) has Richie and Virgil and sex pollen. The result is cute porn.


That's Virgil's pay-attention voice. Sort of. It's a little off. Still... "I'm listening."

Virgil slides his hands up to Richie's shoulders and squeezes. "It's good to see you."

"Um... okay? What's going on?"

He doesn't get an answer to that so much as a low and really kind of *interesting* humming sound, and an even more interesting smile. And it's not like Virgil doesn't smile all the time -- it's not like *he's* Batman or anything -- but Virgil doesn't really smile like *this* that often. All knowing and... hungry.
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Paradox (Richie, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 12,427 words) is about what Richie did in the episode where Virgil was sent to the future. This has a fantastic Richie characterization, and I love all the realistic touches about Virgil and Richie's lives. There are so many details and connections and consequences of things that are all so well thought out.

Richie sighed. "To put it simply, the math is bad, we can't retrieve him using the same formulas that sent him to the future in the first place, and this machine," Richie thumped it for emphasis, "was never designed to actually bring people back. It's a one-way ticket."

The room became deathly silent, Richie final words echoing off into the distance. Robin slumped down in his chair, looking distinctly unhappy. Batman, however, stared intently at Richie.

"Can you fix it?" he asked, his voice breaking the heavy silence around them.

Richie closed his eyes, letting himself dive fully into the math. He calculated future probabilities, using theoretical math barely touched upon by any of the most advanced researchers in the world. The numbers felt chaotic at first, then, slowly they resolved themselves. After several minutes, Richie opened his eyes, looking seriously at Batman.

"I can," he said, "but I need a few things." He stood up, stretching briefly, then put a hand on his hip. "Do you think Radio Shack is still open?"
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Of Heroes and Villains and Partners (Vigil/Richie, Clark/Lex | PG13 | 2,498 words) is cute. Even though I can't quite see Lex and Clark being that open about their lives to Virgil and Richie. But, eee! Static Shock slash -- cute, nicely done Static Shock slash even -- is rare enough that I'm not gonna fault the story for falling into a classic crossover blunder.

Lex chuckled, put his hand on Clark's shoulder and let it rest there. As always warmed by the sudden tensing of powerful muscle, invisible under the cape. All these years and Clark still reacted at his touch. "Give it up," he advised. "They know. Well, Gear does."

"He knows?" Only superheroic resolve kept Clark's voice from cracking.

"Well, he is a supergenius. You have to expect him to be quick on the uptake."

"Knows what?" Static rubbernecked between his sidekick and the villain. Then between said villain and Superman and Lex's familiar contact with his archnemesis, and his eyes widened in comprehension. "Ohhh. Seriously?"