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Xover (The Office/Psych): Pennsylvania by fearlessfan

Pennsylvania (Gus/Shawn, Dwight, Jim/Pam | PG | 10,184 words): Gus and Shawn get hired to investigate a case at Dunder Mifflin. The weirdness of Shawn and Gus meeting the weirdness of the Dunder Mifflin employees is a thing of beauty. The story is hilarious and snappy, especially once Gus and Shawn get to Pennsylvania. And the Gus/Shawn tension is just perfect! Something that's present and important without being overly melodramatic or angst-ridden. And then the ending! The ending was built up to over the course of the story so wonderfully, and then it happened and it was squeefully delightful.

"My name is Gus," Gus says, dropping their bags at Shawn's feet. "And I am not his sidekick. I am his partner."

"Then why were you carrying his luggage?"

Shawn steeples his fingers together. "My psychic abilities give me a somewhat delicate constitution, due to being so closely connected to the astral plane."

"And he forgot them," Gus says, kicking Shawn's bags closer to him.

Dwight gives Gus a sharp, disapproving look that reminds Gus that they are in some warped kind of service profession. "But that's why I'm here," Gus says, forcing a smile on his face. "I keep Shawn grounded, if you will, in the day-to-day realities of life."

"I'd be lost without him," Shawn says, patting Gus on the shoulder.