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This is the rec journal for [personal profile] coprime. I'll read gen, het, and slash (both m/m and f/f). I like things that make me happy, make me smile, and make me laugh as well as the occasionally creepy or sad story. I rarely read for the porn because most of it doesn't interest me. I have a weakness for romances, crossovers, oddball stories, and stories focusing on minor characters. I am also very, very poly-fandom. Truthfully, I'll read just about anything because I believe that any story can be good in the hands of the right author.

I'm a horrible lurker, and I apologize for not commenting to any authors who wander over here and find me reccing something of theirs.

As far as warnings go, I don't explicitly warn for anything in rec posts, but I will use warning tags (for abuse, character death, and rape) on Pinboard.

I'm open to feedback, so if you're comfortable doing do, I'd love to hear from you -- whether it be a broken link you found, a suggestion to make things better, a fandom you'd like to see recs from (even if it's not one I've recced before), or something else on your mind.

I also have a writing journal at [personal profile] coprime_writes.
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