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Three Ways To End an Acquaintance (Jack/Stephen | R | 1,363 words): Three ways a duel between Jack and Stephen might go. Oh, between the three outcomes, this is delightfully sad and angsty and sweet, with the sadness and angst just making the sweet all the sweeter.

Stephen had taken off coat and shirt and folded them neatly on the ground; his bare skin was sallow in the fading light, his face unreadable and distant. Jack had loosened his neckcloth and nothing more, and stood stiffly in his best coat and breeches, ill and sad, all sustaining anger gone, leaving only a wretched pallor.
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Five (Or More) Uses for a Tie (Clint/Phil | R | 9,451 words): Coulson's tie ends up being instrumental in a number of ridiculous missions. The missions are all great, every last one of them, full of banter and fun to read. The developing relationship between Clint and Phil (with Natasha off to the side mentally laughing at them) is delightful because of how well they work together while still being completely oblivious.

"Barton, your bow is an expensive piece of SHIELD-issued weaponry. Not a component in an outdoor adventure park. Please try to remember that."

"Because your tie is obviously much better," Clint said. "A two hundred dollar tie will definitely survive the friction of a hundred foot drop along a zip line."

"It's more like a five thousand dollar tie," Coulson said, pulling the tie free with a snap.

" is that even possible?"

There was just the hint of a smug smile at the corner's of Coulson's mouth and yeah, that was absolutely what Clint needed to see right at this moment.
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Knowing (Heero/Duo | R | 16,913 words): Heero and Duo join the Preventers after the war, but they're not exactly made welcome. I wish I could find more Gundam Wing fic like this: well-paced, tightly written, and emotionally real with a wonderfully done Duo voice. And not a whiff of fangirl Japanese in sight, thank goodness. I like this future for Heero and Duo. The evolution of their friendship into a relationship just works for me.

By the time Heero prodded the fourth prisoner - the one with the shattered hand - over to my position, I'd managed to wrestle my temper back under control. This was neither the time nor the place to be discussing the seamier side of internal Preventer politics, personality conflicts, and power struggles. "Dispatch said in fifteen," I said shortly.

Heero scowled, "Chopper or shuttle, then, unless they were enroute."

"Chopper or shuttle," I agreed. It was impossible to make it from HQ to here in less than an hour by car, even under ideal conditions and with a damn good driver.

Heero's scowl darkened at the implications. I inclined my head slightly, my jaw tight with tension. Being on our own during the war had been one thing; being unable to count on backup now was something else entirely. Now, we were supposed to take prisoners, not shoot to kill. During the war, we'd have just blown the damn shuttle full of weapons and been done with the whole mess. Hell, we'd have blown the fucking *hangar*, not screwed around trying to get the assholes to surrender or to at least manage to take them alive.

Partners have to rely on each other. Have to trust each other. Heero and I did. Unconditionally. Our close friendship was an extension of that partnership, one that we both treasured.

But as Preventers, we should have been able to rely on other Preventers. Should have been able to trust our fellow agents on a professional level even if we weren't exactly best buds on a personal level. And we couldn't.
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Boredom Is the Root of All Evil (And Lorne Is Its Bitch) (Lorne, Sheppard | R | 1,815 words): Lorne and Sheppard are trapped in a cell with nothing to do but wait and have to entertain themselves. This is hilarious because they have the exact sort of inane conversations that people have when they're bored out of their skulls and the only entertainment to be found is whoever else your stuck with.

"That's the tenth time in a row that you've gone for rock, sir. I'm onto your clever plan."

"I'm lulling you into a sense of false security."

"Okay. In the meantime, I think maybe I'll just, ya know... keep playing paper."
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The Botanist and His Major (Lorne/Parrish | R | 16,536 words): Lorne originally refused to have Parrish as the scientist permanently assigned to his team. I love and adore this. It's a nice romance without making either Lorne or Parrish dumb because of love. And there's offworld adventures!

Lieutenant Reid spoke up first, his eyes fixed at some point over Lorne's shoulder. "I take full responsibility, sir. I should have anticipated this."

"Anticipated what?"

"Parrish's crap aim," Cadman chuckled, slinging an arm around the botanist's neck.

"Excuse me?"

"We thought Parrish could use some firearm instruction," Reid said, looking down. "He hit a control panel."

Lorne blinked. "It's 0200 hours. You couldn't wait till morning?"

"We didn't want him to feel pressured by the other Marines," Cadman explained.

Lorne frowned and turned to Parrish. "I guess they pulled you out of bed too?"

"I'm really sorry, Major," Parrish said. "I wasn't even aiming for the dumb thing. If I was I probably wouldn't have hit it."

Despite himself, Lorne smiled at the earnest expression on Parrish's face. "All right, Cadman, Reid, get back to bed. I'm putting you both on early shifts tomorrow. Parrish, stay where you are."

Cadman and Reid both gave Parrish encouraging looks, which just amused Lorne all the more. He knew he had a reputation as being tough, but he wasn't exactly a hardass.
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Out & About (Lorne/Parrish | R | 15,445 words): Lorne and Parrish have several misadventures during the course of their relationship. Oh, hee. There's a lot of rather disasterous incidents that would probably discourage most people, but the boys just keep trying. It's kind of hilarious how much trouble they manage to get themselves into. And it's also sweet, if you can call getting second degree sunburns sweet.

He couldn't help grinning as he watched David pick his way across the scattered rocks like a five year old. The botanist was chattering about something odd in the samples he'd been gathering when he trailed off. Lorne had been packing their gear, but turned at the pause in the descriptions of algal discoloration. David was staring at him, a worried look on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"You're burned."

He shrugged; he'd gotten sunburned as a kid, everybody did. You spent a week with that weird tight feeling and a little sandpaper sensitivity and that was all. He looked down, trying to see what David saw, but his chest didn't look too badly burnt. "It's really not that big a deal, Dave."

David was shaking his head, obviously not agreeing. "I think it is, Nick." The name sounded strange in normal conversation; he'd grown used to only being known by his last name. He watched David cross the remaining distance between them and press a finger against his chest before speaking again.
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If You Can't Beat Them (Lorne | R | 975 words): Lorne has trouble adjusting to the Pegasus Galaxy. Oh, poor Lorne. I laugh at his pain because his pain's hilarious.

At the SGC, Lorne had been an incredibly successful officer: respected; consulted; decorated. He'd been promoted to Major at 26, after the particularly spectacular rescue of SG12 and 47 locals on P4S-258. General Hammond's speech had included phrases like 'outstanding bravery', 'beyond the call of duty', and 'owe their lives'.

Colonel Sheppard's speeches, although not delivered in any kind of professional capacity and only in the earshot of Lorne himself, always seemed to include phrases like 'better luck next time', 'we've all been there', and 'I promise not to show the video to anyone'.
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A Shopping Cart Filled with Cans (Lorne | R | 3,781 words): After destroying the Orion, Lorne's assigned six months of KP duty. This is hilarious from start to finish. There's a tigerlope and a broken Ancient dishwasher and so much more, and it's all brilliant.

Evan kept trying to stuff the soap suds back into the dishwasher, with less and less success, and hated everyone in the entire city, and the Ancients, and the people who made Cascade dishwashing detergent, just for good measure, even though there hadn't even been soap in the Ancient machine.

McKay made the cascade of water, soap and grease stop with the push of one button, and Sheppard stood knee deep in the water while Evan and Smith started bailing out into what passed for Ancient sinks. Sheppard said, "Major, you're not having a very good ... month, are you?"

"Sir," Evan said, "pardon my saying so, but I'm not having a very good life at this point."

"Oh, my God," McKay said. "Major, can you turn this horrible racket off? I'm too old to be reliving my youth through Bon Jovi, and so are you."
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The Hanged Man (Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi | R | 1,061 words): Tamaki, Haruhi, and Kyouya are both normal and not. This is beautiful. It has everything I love about Tamaki (his exuberance and insight) and Kyouya (his calculating determination) and Haruhi (her practicality) and more. These three are flip sides of a coin if there was a coin that had three sides.

Tamaki knows that Kyouya views the two of them separately.

Tamaki is familiar, a comforting and somewhat irritating presence that Kyouya has become accustomed to. He is Tamaki's comrade and protector all in one.

Haruhi is different, and they both know it.
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Saccharine (Uhura, Sulu/Chekov | R | 2,652 words): Uhura watched over animated, candy versions of her crewmates. The story is fairly saccharine, more so than I usually enjoy. And yet, whenever I remember this story, it's with a great deal of fondnesss. There's something extremely enjoyable about the idea of four inch tall, walking, talking, candy versions of the crew. Uhura gets to be smart and sensible, which is great to see. And the overall focus is on her, Sulu, and Chekov, three characters whom I adore but who don't (as far as I know) get written about much.

She was just starting to wonder what was in the rest of the box when, with a crisp rustling sound, another piece of cellophane flew up into the air and a little Sulu, with some effort, hauled himself out of a dent in the molded-plastic liner of the box. He was made of something dark brown and faintly translucent--she thought it might have been the soybean candy he'd once given her and Chekov to eat with his traditional Japanese tea. She wrinkled her nose at the thought. Nasty stuff. She wasn't be any means curious enough (or heartless enough) to try to find out.

Soybean (?) Sulu knelt immediately, though, peering anxiously into the next dent. First he pulled out another piece of cellophane; then he dragged out by the hand a very disgruntled Chekov, who shook some white hair out of his eyes, put his hands on his orange hips, and said something she couldn't hear. Probably something about the Russian invention of cellophane, or possibly of candy corn.
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Accidental Sex (Ted Kord/Booster Gold | R | 2,867 words | prequel to Stranded): Only these two could manage to accidentally have sex. I wouldn't have believed accidental sex was possible, but this is completely plausible.

"What? I didn't freak."

"Did too." Booster let go of one of Ted's arms to wave a finger in his friend's face. "You're all tense and nervous. You want to run or hit me."

"Do not." And to prove it, Ted grabbed the back of Booster's head and kissed him. Booster, the smug, self-righteous bastard, kissed back.

"See. Not freaking." Ted let go of Booster's head, although the other man still had a tight grip on his arm.

"You're faking it."

"And you aren't? You're as uncomfortable as I am."

"Am not." Booster kissed Ted to prove it, this time resting his hand on the small of Ted's back.
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Stranded (Ted Kord/Booster Gold, Super Buddies ensemble | R | 6,711 words | prequel is Accidental Sex): The Super Buddies get stranded on an island; some truths about Ted and Booster's relationship come to light. Oh, this is hilarious. Everyone's so wonderfully themselves and snarky and are just, in general, a lovable group of idiots.

Bea laughed. "The detective didn't know? I thought you were good."

"What's good?" Max asked, walking up to the fire with Sue, Dick, and L-Ron in tow.

"The Great Detective just learned Booster and Beetle are having sex," Bea answered.

"It was a secret?" Dick asked.

Max turned his head to look. "It looks more like they're throwing coconuts at each other."

"Are you still upset about that?" Sue hugged her husband. "Of course they didn't tell you. They're deep in denial. It's probably a sign of some underlying psychosis."

"Or they don't know," Max said.

"How can they not know?" Ralph demanded.

Max stared at the fire. "They might have some post-hypnotic suggestion that makes them forget."
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Five Times Arthur Dent Lost His Towel (Arthur/Ford | R | 734 words): Does what the title says. Hee! All the ways are very in character for Arthur, and I like that all the ways are different.

Of course, there was the time Trillian borrowed it ("Just for a bit, Arthur, I can't find mine") and then lent it to Marvin to oil his joints, and Marvin, after he'd got it all greasy, proceeded to talk to it about life, and the poor towel unravelled itself out of despair.
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Discomfort (Kiba/Shino, Neji | R | 1,439 words | sequel to Noise): Neji overhears something he really didn't want to hear. Oh, this is hilarious. Poor Neji with all his issues, and Kiba and Shino are not helping at all.

"Shino, *there.*"

"Like this?"

A whimper was the only response.

Neji stared at the door. Two of them? They were BOTH in his bathroom? Doing--Oh, gods. He knew exactly what they were doing, and he really, really wished he didn't.

He had to leave. Now. Before they came out and found him gaping at the bathroom door.
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Bread and Circuses (ensemble, Fraser/RayK | R | 3,956 words): Welsh questions Fraser, RayK, Huey, and Thatcher about what, exactly, happened during an incident at a bar. Poor Welsh, having to deal with four huffy people. And then Francesca's comments are not helping at all, and Thatcher's outfit is extremely distracting. It's almost like an episode, except with more sexual content.

"No! No, Fraser, no, you cannot be helpful in explaining, considering you got it all wrong to begin with--"
"--not entirely sure you have any jurisdiction over Constable Fraser or myself--"
"Dispatch got a report of a live sex show--"

"Gentlemen. Gentlemen. And--"

No. No, he was not going to let his eyes linger on the studded collar or the generous cleavage on display, although he would not have thought the inspector could fill out a corset quite that well--
"--uh, uh, ma'am. One at a time, one at a time, please."

"Okay." Kowalski stepped forward, predictably edging out Huey in the race to open his mouth. "Sir, it went down like this. See, Fraser and me--" He stopped and stole a quick glance back at the constable, who returned a look that could best be described as somewhat--well, pissy--and folded his arms over his chest.
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This Future Place (Neji/Shikamaru | R | 5,238 words): Sometime in the future, Neji's living with Shikamaru and in charge of a genin team. Neji and Shikamaru are realistic given the ten year time skip; the kids are fun and not screenhogs. It's, all in all, an enjoyable story without needing anything particularly deep.

In the middle of pulling his shirt off over his head, Neji twisted his bad shoulder just enough to send a surge pain radiating up and down his back. He froze and clenched his teeth together, holding in the undignified screech that wanted to come out. Right. Stupid move. Just breathe deep and go slow.

He was very carefully trying to pull the material up without aggravating his shoulder any further when a pair of warm, familiar hands stopped him. Neji obligingly went still as the hands gripped the bottom his shirt and eased it off with no more than a wince on his part.

"What did you do this time?" came the grouchy question as long fingers instantly went to work on aching muscles.
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Need (Gojyo/Hakkai | R | 1,007 words): Gojyo can't be anything anyone needs. Oh my. Gojyo and Hakkai, needy and desperate and a little sad.

"What do you want?" he'd asked Hakkai more than once, and it had come out aggressive because he felt helpless, didn't know what to do, how to supply the need that was there, like an open wound.
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Sunset (Virgil/Richie | R | 6,967 words): Richie and the difficulties of being a super genius. It's a nice look at Richie, what it means to be him, and who Virgil is for him. And, hee, I adore Virgil here.

"Where you gonna go, huh?" Virgil asked, also grinning. He took a quick step to the side as Richie tried to fake him out, failing horribly at it. "I know your game, man. Nothing you can do."

"You never know," Richie said, bouncing the ball in an easy game of keep-away. "I might surprise you yet. I've got some moves you don't know."

"You think so?" Virgil was as close as he could be without fouling. Richie could feel his breath on his face. "That's cool, bro, 'cuz I like surprises. And I like any move you make."

The phrasing struck Richie as odd. He couldn't put his finger on what Virgil was alluding to, but he suspected it had nothing to do with basketball. His brain had an idea about it, but he quickly rejected it, dismissing it as too improbable. Deciding that Virgil was probably just trying to psyche him out, Richie grinned and jumped backwards.

There was a clear shot to the hoop, but it was a good ways off. In the few seconds it took Richie to jump into the air once more, he calculated several parabolic equations, taking into account the weight of the basketball, the angle of the shot, and how much force he'd need to put behind it. What came as instinct to professional players was simply science to him and, with a smug look on his face, he released the ball at the height of his jump, knowing without a doubt it would go right where he wanted it. Sure enough, it whooshed right in, not even touching the rim.

"Nothing but net!" Omar crowed and Richie heard vague applause from the sidelines.

Virgil was shaking his head, but smiling. "That is so cheating."
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Religion and Politics. Sort of. (Kanzeon/Nii | R | 934 words) tells what happens when Kanzeon decides to visit Nii. This is never a pairing I'd thought of before, but it works much better than I would have thought. It's very snicker-worthy.

Nii Jianyi was not a man of faith, nor of science, so it was definitely out of the question that he be a historian. Even so, in the dying synapses in the back of his brain, he seemed to be tossing up random scholarly arguments that had been slung back and forth over the years over whether the 'se' and 'hir' pronouns were really so deserved.

And... yes. Yes, they were.