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Static Shock: Underneath by stormy1x2

Underneath (Virgil-Richie | G | 3,271 words): Virgil and Richie accidentally swap bodies. Aw, Virgil and Richie, friends forever! Snarking and getting into trouble and having each other backs, this is everything I always want for these two. The bodyswapping also gives a nice chance to look at both Virgil and Richie's powers and what they mean for each of them.

Richie stood there in Virgil's body, a corona of blue and white energy swirling around him as he worked on tamping it down to manageable levels. The look of awe on his face made Virgil wonder if he ever looked like that to people when he was working with his powers.

He cleared his throat. "Hey Rich – you okay now?"

Richie beamed at him – a dopey, goofy grin that was one-hundred percent Richie Foley even if it was wrapped up in Virgil packaging. "This is so awesome, man!"

"Yeah," Virgil said, giving him a small smile. "In some ways, it sure is." But it was weird to watch his powers and not be the one focusing them. He'd lost his powers once before and he hadn't liked the feeling then either.