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2012-01-17 09:03 pm
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[sticky entry] Sticky: Introduction Post

Welcome to my rec journal, fellow person on the internet! I confess, I made this journal solely to make it easier for me to keep track of stories that I liked. But I hope that maybe you will find it helpful too.

As for the type of stories I like to read, I'll read gen, het, and slash (both m/m and f/f). I like things that make me happy, make me smile, and make me laugh as well as the occasionally creepy or sad story. I rarely read for the porn because most of it doesn't interest me. I have a weakness for romances, crossovers, oddball stories, and stories focusing on minor characters. I am also very, very poly-fandom. Honestly, I'll read just about anything because I believe that any story can be good in the hands of the right author.

Links you may find useful:
The Memories
Recs grouped by fandom
The Tags
Recs grouped by fandom, rating, word count, and if they're a crossover
The Pinboard Account
Recs grouped by fandom, character and/or pairing information, location, rating, word count, genre, and popular cliches (I also put stories I liked but not quite enough to rec in this account, but only the recs get tagged !recced)
A couple notes for clarification: I use different punctuation to denote different types of relationships. It isn't anything complicated, but a "/" is a romantic and/or sexual relationship while a "-" is for when the relationship is neither romantic nor sexual, e.g. when it's family or friends.

I don't generally differentiate between movie- and book-verse canons, so stories tagged lord of the rings may be based on the books, the movies, or a combination. The exception to this is DC and Marvel comics. There's an all-inclusive tag for both DC comics and Marvel comics, but any movies or tv shows based on the comics have their own tag. So if you want stories about Ultimate Marvel check marvel universe, but if you want stuff about the X-Men movies check xmen.

As far as warnings go, I don't explicitly warn for anything in rec posts, but I will use warning tags (for abuse, character death, and rape) on Pinboard.

I'm open to feedback, so if you're comfortable doing do, I'd love to hear from you -- whether it be a broken link you found, a suggestion to make things better, a fandom you'd like to see recs from (even if it's not one I've recced before, it's possible I have something in my bookmarks), or something else on your mind.
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2016-06-02 08:04 pm

Beauty and the Beast: A Tale Yet Untold by calicokat

A Tale Yet Untold (Beast/Belle | G | 1,001 words): What if Beast didn't return to his human form at the end of the movie? This is so sweet, with Beast's uncertainty and Belle's caring.

Over the next three days he regains his strength and returns to his routines. Depression hangs over him, though he dare not betray it to the woman who despite mortal danger has remained by his side. His twenty-first birthday has passed, and he is forever a monster.

Belle is too perceptive to fall for the ruse.
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2016-06-02 03:17 am

Xover (DC Universe/Gargoyles): Given Value of Weird by doctorv

Given Value of Weird (Ted Kord-Lexington | G | 374 words): Ted Kord gets the chance to meet Lexington from Gargoyles, and the two bond. This is such a wonderful piece of bite-sized fun! Geeks from different universes getting to meet and geek out with each other is great.

It helps that the small green gargoyle, Lexington, speaks Computer Geek and reminds him a little of Robin. So while a technophile in a loincloth is still a little weird, it's also weirdly familiar.
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2016-05-25 02:48 am

Master & Commander: Three Ways To End an Acquaintance by astolat

Three Ways To End an Acquaintance (Jack/Stephen | R | 1,363 words): Three ways a duel between Jack and Stephen might go. Oh, between the three outcomes, this is delightfully sad and angsty and sweet, with the sadness and angst just making the sweet all the sweeter.

Stephen had taken off coat and shirt and folded them neatly on the ground; his bare skin was sallow in the fading light, his face unreadable and distant. Jack had loosened his neckcloth and nothing more, and stood stiffly in his best coat and breeches, ill and sad, all sustaining anger gone, leaving only a wretched pallor.
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2016-05-25 02:23 am

Stargate Atlantis: 5 Things Chuck Sees (But Wasn't Supposed To) by seektheinfinite

5 Things Chuck Sees (But Wasn't Supposed To) (Chuck | PG13 | 605 words): Being the gate technician, Chuck sees a lot. This is...surprisingly dark for a 5 Things fic, a genre that generally includes a humorous component somewhere in the five things. It's an interesting look at a side of what life in Atlantis would be like if the show were real.

1. The look on Elizabeth's face every time someone doesn't come home. He's sure no one else notices, she's always so careful to hide it.
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2016-05-25 01:53 am

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Running Interference by haruka

Running Interference (Leonardo-Raphael | G | 431 words): Leonardo and Raphael talk while being punished by Splinter. Leo and Raph butt heads a lot, and this fic gets right at the heart of their relationship with each other. It's a great look at Raph and how he interacts the world and how similar Leo and Raph are.

"You did this to us," he finally said into the silent room. He almost heard Leo stiffen behind him.

"How do you figure that? You're the one who attacked me for saving your shell."
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2016-05-25 01:30 am

Star Trek TOS: Such Enormity Moving With Such Grace by pauraque

Such Enormity Moving With Such Grace (Gillian Taylor | G | 927 words): A vignette on the life of Gillian Taylor, the whale scientist from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This is a beautiful love letter to Gillian and to every person with a passionate, all-consuming interest. Gillian's love and care for whales shines.

Gillian is in fourth grade, and in the margins of her composition book, while Mrs. Nicholas drones on about some boring war, she is drawing whales and stars.

She always draws them the same way, not creating the image so much as perfecting it.
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2016-05-25 01:06 am

Avengers: Five (Or More) Uses for a Tie by Selenay

Five (Or More) Uses for a Tie (Clint/Phil | R | 9,451 words): Coulson's tie ends up being instrumental in a number of ridiculous missions. The missions are all great, every last one of them, full of banter and fun to read. The developing relationship between Clint and Phil (with Natasha off to the side mentally laughing at them) is delightful because of how well they work together while still being completely oblivious.

"Barton, your bow is an expensive piece of SHIELD-issued weaponry. Not a component in an outdoor adventure park. Please try to remember that."

"Because your tie is obviously much better," Clint said. "A two hundred dollar tie will definitely survive the friction of a hundred foot drop along a zip line."

"It's more like a five thousand dollar tie," Coulson said, pulling the tie free with a snap.

" is that even possible?"

There was just the hint of a smug smile at the corner's of Coulson's mouth and yeah, that was absolutely what Clint needed to see right at this moment.
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2015-09-24 03:46 am

Stargate Atlantis: More of the Stars and Sea by Mara

More of the Stars and Sea (Teyla-Radek | G | 675 words): Teyla and Radek get trapped in a room together and talk. One of my (many) favorite things about fic is how authors can throw together two characters who don't interact much in canon and draw connections between them, and this fic does so in such a lovely, sweet way. I couldn't ask for a more perfect start for a friendship between these two.

Teyla smiled at him. "I don't think Atlantis is actively against us."

"Not Col. Sheppard, no, but sometimes we--that is, the science team--feel that the city is fighting us." Radek absently patted the floor beside him, apparently not even noticing what he was doing.

"But you love the city."

Eyes widening, he looked at her. "Is it that obvious?"
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2014-09-30 08:36 pm

Psych: Gus and Shawn, The Old Married Couple by Chash

Gus and Shawn, The Old Married Couple (Gus/Shawn | G | 540 words): Shawn convinces Gus to marry him. This is so adorably them in all their bantery, bickering glory. How Shawn does manage to convince Gus makes me laugh because it's just so right, and the final section somehow manages to be even more squeeful.

"I am not marrying you, Shawn."

"Why not? Give me one good reason."

Gus opens his mouth several times. He has to dismiss "I don't love you," "it's illegal," and "I don't want to," because they aren't true. It's upsetting to realize. "My mother wouldn't approve."

Shawn's eyes light up.
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2014-09-26 09:06 pm

Static Shock: Thicker Than Water by ctrl-issue

Thicker Than Water (Virgil-Robert Hawkins, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): Robert needs to have a talk with his son. This is such a fantastic look at Robert Hawkins and how he protects his family! I really like how he can see more about Virgil and Richie's relationship since he's watching from the outside and trying to care for them both.

It was late, and for once Mr. Robert Hawkins found that his son was actually home. Alone. Sitting on the edge of the sofa, watching the nightly news. Sharon was off 'studying', though he knew well enough that she was actually giving him and Virgil some time to themselves. The elder man took a deep breath as he looked around his living room. He doubted he would have another opportunity like this for some time, knowing the schedules his children kept.
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2014-09-26 08:47 pm

Static Shock: What Legends Are Made Of by ctrl-issue

What Legends Are Made Of (Trina Jessup, Virgil/Richie | PG13 | 500 words): What Dakota's finest might think of Static and Gear. Trina Jessup is the lady police officer that eventually starts dating Mr. Hawkins, if you are like me and didn't immediately remember who she was. This is just a really neat look at Static and Gear (and at Virgil and Richie) from a point of view that isn't used very often, which gives some different sorts of insights into the duo.

To her understanding, those with more power should be held more accountable than the weaker people. Because of their power, they had a responsibility, a duty, to protect those weaker than themselves. Unfortunately, those with power rarely ever actually acted with concern or empathy towards their fellow man, with the rare exception.
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2014-09-26 08:30 pm

Static Shock: Underneath by stormy1x2

Underneath (Virgil-Richie | G | 3,271 words): Virgil and Richie accidentally swap bodies. Aw, Virgil and Richie, friends forever! Snarking and getting into trouble and having each other backs, this is everything I always want for these two. The bodyswapping also gives a nice chance to look at both Virgil and Richie's powers and what they mean for each of them.

Richie stood there in Virgil's body, a corona of blue and white energy swirling around him as he worked on tamping it down to manageable levels. The look of awe on his face made Virgil wonder if he ever looked like that to people when he was working with his powers.

He cleared his throat. "Hey Rich – you okay now?"

Richie beamed at him – a dopey, goofy grin that was one-hundred percent Richie Foley even if it was wrapped up in Virgil packaging. "This is so awesome, man!"

"Yeah," Virgil said, giving him a small smile. "In some ways, it sure is." But it was weird to watch his powers and not be the one focusing them. He'd lost his powers once before and he hadn't liked the feeling then either.
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2014-09-22 08:28 pm

Xover (Heroes/Man from UNCLE): H.U.N.C.L.E. by lynnmonster

H.U.N.C.L.E. (Hiro, Ando, Naopoleon/Illya | G | 1,132 words): Hire and Ando accidentally end up on Napoleon and Illya's doorstep. Oh, this whole thing is delightful. Napoleon and Illya in all their retired glory, Hiro and Ando bumbling their way into and out of situations, and just the general fun absurdity that follows these characters around.

"Hiro, those men, I think they're..." Ando trailed off.

"Secret agents?" Hiro prompted.

"No, gay," Ando said, splashing a hand's worth of water at Hiro with a huff of exasperation.

"Oh, maybe! They seem to like each other very much." Hiro said. "But they're definitely secret agents."
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2014-09-17 10:54 pm

Doctor Who: Inevitable by chicklet73

Inevitable (Martha-Tenth Doctor | G | 1,286 words): The Doctor thinks it's time to take Martha home, yes really. This is an fun look at the Doctor and Martha at the beginning of their acquaintance when they're still getting to know each other. Because despite what the Doctor says, there's no way he's taking Martha home just yet, and his thought processes about why she needs to go home are adorably and obviously mistaken.

If she did fancy him, it was really all her own fault (and reason number six million and two that they needed to part ways, pronto). It’s not as if he was encouraging it at all. Not in the least. Not once in the short time they’d known each other; not since the moment they met in the hosp--

Something occured to him and he abruptly turned, grinned at his reflection, and winked.


That was rather endearing. Charming, even.
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2014-09-17 10:11 pm

Star Trek AOS: Only the Good Die Young by KiaraSayre

Only the Good Die Young (Pavel | PG13 | 2,528 words): Five times Pavel got annoyed because of his youth. Aw, Pavel! Pavel is adorable here although he wouldn't appreciate my saying so. And it's always fun to read about the Enterprise as friends, even when they get a bit overprotective of Chekov.

"She said Gloria has the hots for me," says Pavel, slightly in awe. "Do you think - "

Hikaru is already shaking his head, even as his chuckles finally wind down. "No, man. She'll walk all over you."

"I can take care of myself!" protests Pavel.

"Yeah, but you shouldn't have to," says Hikaru easily. "That's what we're here for."

On one hand, Pavel is grateful - it is nice to know that the rest of the crew has his back. On the other hand, being protected is not the same as being respected, and what he wants is the latter.
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2014-09-07 03:13 am

Star Trek DS9: Ain't Nothing Special, When the Present Meets the Past by mosca

Ain't Nothing Special, When the Present Meets the Past (Jake, Nog | G | 281 words): Jake and Nog, some years down the road. This story is just a sweet, little delight. Jake and Nog sadly get little fic written about them, so I'm always excited when I find something featuring them and/or their friendship, especially when it's such a well-characterized morsel as this story is. Nog, especially, gets to shine in this.

Nog stood grim-faced at attention as Admiral Senik pinned the Medal of Commendation to his uniform, but when the admiral shook his hand, he couldn't stifle a smile. He'd learned the decorum and restraint befitting a Starfleet Officer, but he was still a Ferengi, and there was something about shiny medallions that made him feel valuable and worthy.
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2014-09-07 01:27 am

Hikaru no Go: Go Forever by Lucillia

Go Forever (Sai | PG | 442): Nothing can stop Sai from playing Go. Ahah, this is a wonderful little crack fic, short and sweet with a perfect kicker of an ending.

Sai stared through the fence at the Go board like he did every day, everyone thought this was odd because they had no idea of what he was staring at, much less why he was just standing there not moving. This went on for a long time, Sai staring at the Go board, and the family staring at Sai.
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2014-09-06 12:30 pm

Jeeves & Wooster: Another Time, Another World by truly_bohemian

Another Time, Another World (Bertie/Jeeves, OFC | G | 908 words): Bertie's niece looks at some old photographs of her uncle. This is sad but in a realistic, inevitable sort of way because it looks at what Bertie's life might be like several years down the road. Any look at beloved characters that takes place decades in the future is at least a little like that, and this story is a deft snapshot at what Bertie's future might look like. It doesn't wallow in what's past but simply allows everything to be as it is.

"Who's this?" Gloria asked, as she was handed another picture.

"That's just Uncle Bertie again. Why?"

"No, no," Gloria shook her head, feeling slightly frustrated, "there are two men in the picture. They can't both be Uncle Bertie."
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2014-09-06 02:37 am

Final Fantasy 4: Missing Piece by Zerrat

Missing Piece (Rosa/Cecil/Kain | PG13 | 2,860 words): Cecil and Rosa visit Kain on Mount Ordeals. Oh, Kain. This entire story is an exercise of me constantly going, "Oh, Kain," at Kain's self-imposed penance, and Rosa and Cecil agree with my assessment. He's so full of guilt and doubt, and all I want is for him to forgive himself finally and come back home to Baron. This story is heart-breakingly beautiful with just the tiniest sliver of hope regarding its portrayal of these three post-game and how they're all hurting but still, each in their own way, trying to heal and finally be together.

"Kain. We have some extra supplies for you, to help you through the winter. A little late, but they are there if you need them." Rosa didn't mention the reason for their lateness this year, and for that Cecil was glad.

Kain placed his hand on Rosa's fleetingly, and he nodded stiffly. "They would be... appreciated," Kain told her, his voice halting and hoarse.

Rosa was gone quickly as the wind began to pick up, and Cecil watched her leave them with a hint of amusement. The cold was getting to her, and even though he wore layer upon layer of wool and furs, he couldn't help but shiver too.

Kain said nothing as Rosa departed, and they stood for a while in a silence that Cecil wished with all his heart was 'companionable' instead of 'awkward'. The views from atop Mount Ordeals were still breathtaking, Cecil noted, his hands thrust deep in his pockets.
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2014-09-06 01:01 am

Mysterious Island: The Omelette by rainbowjehan

The Omelette (Pencroff-Harbert | G | 1,706 words): Harbert is sick, and Pencroff is worried. This is one of those recs where I expect no one else is going to read this story because who in the world else is interested in Jules Verne novels that aren't 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days, but well. I will always want to read any and everything fic written about these shipwrecked fellows. This particular fic is completely charming and replicates Verne's style delightfully. The story manages to swing from an extremely angsty beginning to a very humorous ending without it being jarring. And the point of view is so perfectly Pencroff, mercurial and dramatic and just a little bit ridiculous, that I could never not love this story.

Then the hope would come for a moment, and he'd realise what a fool he was being. Harbert would survive. Why, when he returned, Harbert might have opened his eyes already! After all, Cyrus, Gideon Spillet and their mysterious protector would all be taking care of his child, of course.

But he was being twice the fool he'd thought himself just a moment ago. As if he could suppose that Harbert would live. He had only to look at his face, Harbert's face, white and hot--his hair, wet with sweat--and if Pencroff were to take one of Harbert's hands, he was sure it would be trembling weakly. Harbert was as good as dead.

But no, no, how could he even begin to doubt Cyrus would save Harbert? After all, he was Cyrus! It would all be all right. It was only a matter of time, perhaps a very short matter of time. Perhaps he should go back now, so that if the first person Harbert wanted was him, he would there.

And on and on it went, the same thing nearly every day.