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Given Value of Weird (Ted Kord-Lexington | G | 374 words): Ted Kord gets the chance to meet Lexington from Gargoyles, and the two bond. This is such a wonderful piece of bite-sized fun! Geeks from different universes getting to meet and geek out with each other is great.

It helps that the small green gargoyle, Lexington, speaks Computer Geek and reminds him a little of Robin. So while a technophile in a loincloth is still a little weird, it's also weirdly familiar.
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Communication by Kisses (Lyle/Brainy | PG | 736 words): Brainy kisses Lyle, and it means more than might first be supposed. This is nicely sweet and fluffy.

That Brainy had hugged him, one might attribute to Querl having come to think of Lyle as a friend, or even a brother. Lyle knew better. For Coluans, physical touch was completely restricted to immediate family.
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Thoughts Build Our Life of Tomorrow (Ted Kord/Booster Gold, ensemble | PG13 | 1,288 words): Ted and Booster develop a telepathic link. These two are annoying enough for their teammates wihout a mind link, and it's so much worse for everyone when they have one. Fun! Sometimes I like to see characters suffer in the most aggravating way possible.

It all finally came to a head during a team meeting. Nothing particularly bad or world-threatening was happening, it was more just a reiteration of what actions could be taken to ensure the smoother running of the team. Such as not leaving empty Chocos bags in the pantry and then not buying more before J'onn found out, or knocking before opening various doors, or once more going over the criteria for sexual harassment.

Booster was boredly scribbling, of all things, stylized beetles on his meeting itinerary when his head suddenly shot up and he stared across the table at Beetle. "What was that?" he asked suspiciously.
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In the Dark (Ted Kord/Booster Gold, Beatriz da Costa | PG | 462 words): Beatriz gets a new insight about Booster and Ted. Some people will probably find this too sweet for their tastes. Me, I'll be over here loving how cute this is.

That was what Bea had first seen when she returned to the room with the popcorn, and she had paused at the door, waiting with amusement for Beetle to playfully smack the man and, perhaps, start a mock fight.
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Phone Call (Booster Gold, ensemble | G | 1,191 words): Some members of the Justice League take exception to Booster trying to resurrect Ted Kord. Hee. It starts as a fairly standard authorial experession of anger at certain DC events, but it soon goes the way of a good prank. And there's an AU appearance by a sweet, much ignored character.

Actually, he supposed the day hadn't started all that normally, since he'd been researching ways to resurrect Ted. But, still, that was normal for him as far as the last few days were concerned. It wasn't even as if his research was going well, considering he didn't have access to any research tools more mystical than Google.

Apparently, however, this was enough to make his "dabbling in eldritch matters beyond mortal ken" (Flash's phrase, spoken in a heavily sarcastic, spooky tone) the focus of the JLA's meeting today.
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To Conquer Fear (ensemble | G | 2,663 words): Grissom and the Bat clan team up to foil a supervillain plot. Oh, this is just plain fun. And it's in epistolary format!

Subject: We appreciate the help

Considering that there are already three patrolmen in the hospital under treatment, we appreciate Nightwing's assistance. He's...impressive. At least, Sara certainly seems impressed.

I can assure you we're treating this case as hazmat. We've already had one close call, when the aforementioned new CSI nearly dosed himself while fooling around in the lab. Sometimes I wonder if Greg will ever learn.
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Two Green Lanterns Walked into a Bar (Hal Ducked) (Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner | PG | 1,319 words): Guy starts a fight at an alien bar. This is a great little slice of Guy and Kyle having adventures in space.

The drinks arrived. They were an unnatural-for-earth chartreuse, and bubbled. "Ring," asked Guy, "Is this going to kill us?"

"Fermented leaf of..."

"YES or NO?"

"No, but..."

"Perfect." He tilted his head back and swallowed.

Kyle gave him the "why did the Guardians ever pick (much less PAY?) that?" look and watched.
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For Love of an Absent-Minded Scientist (Ted Kord/Booster Gold | PG | 481 words): It's Valentine's Day, and Ted is oblivious. Hee, these two are fun together.

It isn't until they're halfway through dinner that Ted notices the prevalence of happy, sappy couples around them. The pink and red decorations scattered around the restaurant suddenly seem to glow neon bright in his vision.
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Five Ways People Didn't Find Out about Booster and Ted (Ted Kord/Booster Gold, Super Buddies ensemble | NC17 | 1,443 words): Five possible ways people found out about Ted and Booster. Hee, I love all the ways. They're fun and generally sweet and very enjoyable.

"Let me guess," Sue said slowly, pointing at them. "Ted had a heart attack scare and Booster, you were...performing a life-saving preventative treatment."

"Exactly!" Booster agreed, nodding rapidly. Beetle nodded along with him, grateful and desperate.

"By sticking your hand down his tights," Sue continued flatly.

They were silent for a moment, before Beetle smiled sheepishly. "It's...a radical new experimental technique?"

"I don't think you were doing it right," Ralph chimed in thoughtfully. "You were moaning pretty loudly."

Beetle's head fell back against the wall with a quiet thump and Booster buried his face in the man's neck.
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100 Things the Ghosts of Booster and Beetle are Not Allowed to Do (Ted Kord, Booster Gold | G | 2,070 words | sequel to Eternal Reward): What Booster and Ted get up to as poltergeists. I am vastly amused by all the pranks and by the Justice League's reaction to their former teammates.

11. May not replace the sugar with salt.
12. May not replace the ketchup with chili sauce.
13. May not mix hallucinogens in with anything.
13a. I apologize. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between your pranks and an outside attack.
13b. No, I'm not crossing 13 off the list. Just because you haven't done it before doesn't mean it's okay to do a first time.
14. Death has not given you a clean slate. All previous incarnations of this list are still in effect.
15. You rebuilt the teleporter mousetrap? Why?
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Eternal Reward (Ted Kord, Booster Gold, OC | PG | 2,465 words | sequel is 100 Things the Ghosts of Booster and Beetle Are Not Allowed To Do): Ted and Booster as ghosts. Hee, even dead, they still like to cause mischief.

"You knew I was going to die?"

"Everyone dies."

"But you knew it was going to be soon?"

Ted shook his head, and Christine's heart sunk. He had accepted his death, but had no task, no unfinished business, no desire for vengeance. He was staying on this plane of existence because he wasn't ready to let go, but had nothing to hold on to. And since Booster's path to the next world had yet to appear, it seemed safe to assume he too would be content to haunt the earth for no other reason than to haunt.

As if to prove her right, Booster said "You know, we have the perfect opportunity here to play jokes on people. They can't see us, right? But we can still do stuff to them."

Oh no. Not pranksters. Please, don't let them be pranksters.
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Accidental Sex (Ted Kord/Booster Gold | R | 2,867 words | prequel to Stranded): Only these two could manage to accidentally have sex. I wouldn't have believed accidental sex was possible, but this is completely plausible.

"What? I didn't freak."

"Did too." Booster let go of one of Ted's arms to wave a finger in his friend's face. "You're all tense and nervous. You want to run or hit me."

"Do not." And to prove it, Ted grabbed the back of Booster's head and kissed him. Booster, the smug, self-righteous bastard, kissed back.

"See. Not freaking." Ted let go of Booster's head, although the other man still had a tight grip on his arm.

"You're faking it."

"And you aren't? You're as uncomfortable as I am."

"Am not." Booster kissed Ted to prove it, this time resting his hand on the small of Ted's back.
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Stranded (Ted Kord/Booster Gold, Super Buddies ensemble | R | 6,711 words | prequel is Accidental Sex): The Super Buddies get stranded on an island; some truths about Ted and Booster's relationship come to light. Oh, this is hilarious. Everyone's so wonderfully themselves and snarky and are just, in general, a lovable group of idiots.

Bea laughed. "The detective didn't know? I thought you were good."

"What's good?" Max asked, walking up to the fire with Sue, Dick, and L-Ron in tow.

"The Great Detective just learned Booster and Beetle are having sex," Bea answered.

"It was a secret?" Dick asked.

Max turned his head to look. "It looks more like they're throwing coconuts at each other."

"Are you still upset about that?" Sue hugged her husband. "Of course they didn't tell you. They're deep in denial. It's probably a sign of some underlying psychosis."

"Or they don't know," Max said.

"How can they not know?" Ralph demanded.

Max stared at the fire. "They might have some post-hypnotic suggestion that makes them forget."
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100 Things Booster & Beetle Aren't Allowed to Do (Ted Kord/Booster Gold | PG | 1,351 words): I'd say the title pretty accurately summarizes this. Fun!

47 – Waterguns are not allowed at team meetings
48 – There is no prophecy
49 – Not allowed to forward spam emails to the rest of the team
50 – Not allowed to have glitter
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Five Companions (Six, Really) Who Never Gave Ten Heartburn (Well, Hardly Ever) (ensemble | G | 500 words): Several different takes on how the tenth Doctor would interact with his various companions, all of them fun. My personal favorite is Cissie and Greta because I would love to watch that if it were the actual show. (The actual show's pretty dang good too, but it'd be even more awesome with those two.)

"A time machine? That's so cool! I wish Robin were here, he'd think it was cool. Can I visit my grandfather?" Bart asked, racing around the blue box fast enough to create a mini-tornado.

The Doctor unlocked the door with more force than absolutely necessary. "No."

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Alien Concepts (Blue/Gold | PG | 455 words | sequel to Breaking Protocol): This is Blue's side of the story and is just as wonderful as the story it's a sequel too.

Alone and Lonely are new concepts, too, but he's learned about those easily enough.

But at least he has his team. Even if they smell different and like Privacy, he's spent so much time with them that they're hardly other to him anymore. He finds himself thinking of them as Hive/Family/Same more and more as he interacts with them.
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Breaking Protocol (Blue/Gold | PG | 334 words | sequel is Alien Concepts): Back in 1998, DC decided to do a crossover called DC One Million; it was basically an excuse to imagine what all the characters would be like in the 853rd century. This is an imagining about what the future version of the JLI might be like, specifically Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. And, in addition to being a neat concept, it is also adorable beyond words, even given that Blue's a giant bug and Gold's made of living metal.

In his experience, alien courtship is initially started by increasing proximity. However, Blue is from a species in which close proximity is natural. Gold has seen the lonely droop of Blue's antennae even when his friend is surrounded by the team. The loneliness stems from a lack of touch.

And there's art of this version of the JLI!
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Always on My Mind (Ted Kord/Booster Gold | PG13 | 1,786 words): Ted's been brought back to life as a zombie by Tim Drake. Funny! Ted and Booster have some of the best light-hearted banter, even when one of them has a gaping head wound.

'Do you ask a vampire to drink the fake blood they sell at costume stores, Booster? Do you serve instant noodles to the restaurant critic? Do -- '

'Okay, okay.'

Silence descends once more, interrupted only by the occasional slurp from Ted's direction.

Booster stands about uncomfortably, shifting his weight from one foot to the other and back again.

'You know, in the future -- '

'Booster, if you say that sex cures zombieism in the future, I will hurt you.'
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A/S/L (Barbara Gordon/Ted Kord | G | 2,008 words): Epistolary flirting. Babs and Ted make a cute couple. And they can geek out together!

Dear B-

I spilled diet soda over a machine at an important moment, is what was wrong with the third one.

So, those satelites. Got a riddle for you.

Q: When can you trust a Cheshire Cat?
A: Never, that's why she's smiling.

If you're sending anyone to Vietnam, I'm available for backup. You might want a geek on the ground for this one.

KT's founder is very grateful for the posters, especially the Lady Blackhawk one. That is one beautiful bird... that she's posing beside.


PS) Prying into my private life? Sir, you are no gentleman.

PPS) And you, miss, are no lady.